Can I do a tattoo during menstruation


Recently, a cosmetic procedure known as permanent makeup has gained great popularity. Its essence is as follows: a special compound is injected under the skin with a thin needle, which paints its upper layers in the desired color - black, gray, brown, scarlet. What is it done for? To give extra thickness to the eyebrows, expressiveness to the eyes (by drawing graphical arrows), clear outlines and attractive shades of the lips. Further in the article it is detailed about whether it is possible to do a tattoo during menstruation, which can go wrong if you do a tattoo of the lips, eyebrows or eyes after menstruation.

The content of the article:

As practice shows, tattooing of eyebrows is in the greatest demand for women. This excitement is explained simply: not everyone can boast with thick and even eyebrows, and without them the face seems incomplete. To "draw" eyebrows need a certain talent, free time and relevant materials (stencils, pencil, powder, mascara, gel or paint, wax, special brush or brush), it is easier to resort to the help of a professional who will do everything quickly, efficiently and relatively inexpensively. . That's just the opportunity to regularly visit the salon is not at all: work and household chores take a lot of time and effort. In such a situation, the tattoo of the eyebrows, which lasts for several years (subject to periodic adjustment of the form by the master), becomes a real salvation. With it you can not be afraid of weather conditions, it does not "flow" from sweat, it is not erased in the process of removing makeup or washing, does not stain clothes when changing clothes. At first glance, solid pluses, but is it really? Eyebrow tattoo, like any other procedure, has contraindications, one of which is menstruation. Why you can not paint the eyebrows during menstruation and what can lead to a violation of the ban - learn from this article.

Why it is worth refusing to color eyebrows during menstruation, which can interfere

So you can or can not do tattooing lips, eyebrows or eyes during menstruation? What can be the features of a tattoo on the eve of menstruation. A good master, before starting to paint hair or eyebrows, is sure to inquire if the client has a period, and in the event of a positive answer, she will transfer the procedure to another day. When making such a decision, he is guided by the following reasons:

1 During menstruation, the sensitivity of nerve receptors increases, so any, even the smallest, intervention such as adjusting the shape of the eyebrows by plucking out excess hair is poorly tolerated by the body, causing acute pain.

2 On critical days, blood rushes to the skin, if during this period the integrity of the cover is disturbed (and this will certainly happen when the needle is inserted), severe bleeding will open.

3 Eyebrow tattoo during menstruation is performed under local anesthesia. During menstruation, the chemical composition of the blood changes, which may cause an allergic reaction to the drug, swelling, or even a local burn.

4 It is difficult to predict how the skin will behave under the influence of hormones: the paint may lie unevenly or suddenly change color. If we take into account the fact that you simply cannot wash the streaked bands, it is better not to risk - the result may not justify the effort.

5 On critical days, immunity decreases, so invasive procedures are not recommended during this period of time. Tattooing can provoke a relapse of the disease, which is previously in the “hibernation” stage (herpes, fungus, lichen), as a result, instead of beautiful eyebrows, a woman will get a rash that will have to be treated for a long time with expensive drugs.

Tattoo on the eve or during menstruation, what can happen? Summarizing all the above, we can come to the following conclusions:

1 It is unsafe for health to do tattooing of eyebrows during menstruation, because during this period the composition of blood and the ratio of hormones change, resulting in an increased risk of skin rashes, edema, allergic reaction, inflammation and suppuration of wounds caused by a needle.

2 The result of eyebrow dyeing during menstruation may be unsatisfactory due to changes in skin properties caused by chemical processes occurring in the body during a specified period of time (activation of the sebaceous glands located in the forehead area, reduction of skin elasticity).

Considering the possible risks, the procedure should be postponed for another day - the best is in the middle of the cycle, when the body is not so susceptible to pain, and the body's defense system functions as expected.

Why not make tattooing lips, eyes or eyebrows during menstruation

Eyebrow tattoo during menstruation will not be successful for the following reasons:

1 The drop in estrogen levels with an increase in the number of prostaglandins - the result of this process is an increase in the sensitivity of the nerve receptors. In some women, they become so susceptible to external influence that the slightest damage leads to painful shock and fainting.

2 Enhanced production of histamine, creating the prerequisites for the occurrence of an allergic reaction and specific edema. A feature of this substance is that it changes the properties of the skin and prevents the healing of wounds. Because of him, the paint falls unevenly and does not penetrate the cells very well. Even if the eyebrows can be colored, the drawing will require a correction, which will have to allocate additional time and money.

3 Reduction in the number of leukocytes due to excessive blood loss, leading to a temporary decrease in immunity. Weakening of the defense mechanisms can have the following consequences:

- exacerbation of existing ailments or the purchase of new ones (in case of infection with needle punctures),

- impaired blood clotting due to a deficiency of fibrinogen and vitamin K (the result of this deviation may be a long healing of wounds, their bleeding, inflammation or suppuration).

Applying permanent makeup is a painful procedure and not at all safe. A good master will surely warn the client about possible complications, check him for contraindications, take an interest in his well-being at the moment. If it turns out that a woman has critical days, the procedure will be postponed for another time, and no persuasion will help. If the master succumbs to them, the client may be seriously hurt, or even die - not a single specialist will assume such responsibility.

Consequences and complications, what can be problems after tattooing during menstruation

What will happen if during menstruation to do a tattoo? As it was said earlier, a good master will never color the eyebrows of a client with monthly periods. However, from time to time there are “craftsmen” who agree to experiment on someone else's appearance. As a rule, it is self-taught, who do not have the appropriate education. By resorting to their help, the woman is at great risk. What may be undesirable consequences of a tattoo during menstruation? Here are the most common consequences of referring to such pseudo-specialists:

1 asymmetrical, unevenly colored eyebrows, which have to be “brought to mind” with the help of improvised means or at an appointment with another specialist,

2 severe swelling of tissues in the forehead, in particularly advanced cases - face deformation,

3 acquisition of a dangerous disease due to the use of non-sterile instruments by the master,

4 inflammation and suppuration of needle punctures with the subsequent formation of scars or pits in the specified area.

In order not to have to regret later about wasted money and undermined health, it is important to carefully select the eyebrow tattoo specialist. Professional services are not cheap, but they are fully responsible for their actions. They have a license to carry out this kind of activity and an appropriate education. Information about them is in the public domain - on the official page of the clinic or salon where they work, or on their personal website. If the master cannot provide any of this, little is known about him, it is better to refuse his services. It also does not hurt to take into account the moment that professionals do not go home - only those who are not very concerned about the health of the client agree to this.

Can I do a tattoo for menstruation

Most salon procedures are not recommended during menstruation. In this case, the responsibility for the result lies on the shoulders of the woman herself. Doctors are not advised to carry out any manipulations involving injury to the skin surface.

Tattoo is considered a kind of surgical intervention. During the procedure, a small amount of coloring pigment is inserted under the epidermis using a needle-equipped instrument. For security purposes, during the tattoo use antiseptics and anesthesia. During menstruation, the sensitivity of the female body increases. This decreases the effectiveness of pain relief.

A qualified specialist will not agree to do a tattoo during menstruation. This is due to the following reasons:

  • increased risk of weak pigment staining,
  • emotional discomfort,
  • high probability of infection in the wound due to immunosuppression,
  • increased pain,
  • reduction in the rate of recovery of the body.

Is it possible to do microblading during menstruation

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure for adjusting the shape and color of the eyebrows. From the tattoo it is distinguished by the technology of carrying and the final result. Instead of needles, thin blades are used, which help to imitate fine hairs. The depth of penetration under the skin is no more than 2 cm.

Any master will give an unequivocal answer to the question of whether it is possible to do eyebrow microbleeding during menstruation. It is strictly prohibited. Conducting microblading during menstruation is accompanied by increased bleeding, high pain and not enough good survival of the pigment.

Is it possible to make tattooing eyebrows during menstruation

It is easy to understand whether tattooing can be done during menstruation by examining the subtleties of this procedure. Most often, it is aimed at changing the shape of the eyebrows or lip contour. The depth of penetration of the pigment under the skin is much greater than with microblading. Many women who decide on the procedure, noted the appearance of dizziness and headache. The most sensitive person can lose consciousness.

After tattooing in the area of ​​skin injury, a protective crust is formed. During menstruation, its healing slows down due to a decrease in immunity and the level of leukocytes in the body. Also increases the risk of suppuration of the damaged area.

Is it possible to tattoo during menstruation?

During menstruation, the level of sex hormones decreases sharply. This leads to irritability, heightened sensitivity and drastic mood swings. The process of tattooing is stressful enough for the female body. It is accompanied by pain and psychological discomfort. They act as additional irritation factors. Therefore, it is desirable to abandon the tattoo for menstruation.

Why not do a tattoo during menstruation

Tattoo during menstruation is done only if the woman insisted on it. In this case, the master is not responsible for the result. The reasons for prohibiting tattooing during menstruation are as follows:

  • reduction of body defenses
  • skin rashes,
  • exacerbation of pain receptors
  • increased risk of developing allergies,
  • unpredictable outcome of the procedure.

Allergy Risk

An allergic reaction develops as a result of ingestion of a potentially hazardous substance. The probability of its development depends on the state of the immune system. Tattooing during menstruation often provokes unwanted body reactions. Therefore, it is desirable to abandon the procedure.

Risk of bleeding

During carrying out a tattoo small vessels are injured. With normal blood clotting this does not affect the result. During critical days due to changes in hemostasis, the healing rate decreases and the result worsens. In some cases, bleeding occurs. On this basis, the woman feels dizzy and deteriorates state of health.

Increased healing period

It usually takes no more than 5 days to heal the skin surface. Regenerative processes during menstruation noticeably slow down. For this reason, the duration of the healing period increases significantly. Increased risk of wound infection. Therefore, to do a tattoo is not highly desirable. It is recommended to attend the master no earlier than 10 days of the menstrual cycle.

Possible negative consequences

Before making a decision on the conduct of a tattoo, you should be familiar with possible complications. These include the following:

  • lack of effect from anesthesia
  • the difficulty of the procedure due to blood discharge,
  • deterioration of health,
  • infection,
  • scar formation
  • the appearance of an allergic reaction
  • unpredictable result (asymmetry, uneven fixation of the pigment).

During menstruation, physiological changes in the female body are observed. The structure of the epidermis becomes more loose. In addition, the amount of blood loss increases. Because of this, the pigment does not survive properly and eventually becomes blue or greenish. The contour because of this blurs or becomes too pale.

Physician advice

It is advisable to check with a specialist about whether it is possible to make a tattoo during menstruation. He will explain in detail why the procedure should be postponed to a more favorable time. In the end, it may be a waste of money. Often, women who have made a tattoo during menstruation, resort to help correction. If it is impossible to postpone the date of the visit to the tattoo parlor, it is necessary to observe the following principles:

  • explore the portfolio wizard
  • make sure there is no inflammation on the skin,
  • take an anesthetic drug
  • Do not go to the tanning bed or rub the face after the procedure,
  • morally adjust yourself to a favorable outcome.


Experts do not recommend making a tattoo during menstruation. From when the procedure is carried out, depends on its final result. The best option would be to visit the tattoo parlor from 10 to 25 day of the menstrual cycle.

What factors do not allow you to do permanent makeup during menstruation

There are several main reasons that prevent the conduct of this procedure during menstruation. These include cosmetologists:

  • skin sensitization that generates painful reaction on any outside intervention,
  • hormonal imbalance can cause an abnormal reaction to the pigment, the body will reject the dye or change its color,
  • general weakening and persistent ailments can aggravate the effects of untimely intervention by a beautician.

The general opinion of experts boils down to the fact that menstruation is not a complete contraindication to the application of permanent makeup. This period takes place individually for each woman, it is transferred in different ways, not all people experience permanent pain. The problem may lie not only in the likelihood of harm to their own health, but also in the ineffectiveness of the procedure.

Is it possible to do permanent makeup on certain parts of the face?

Among regular clients of beauty salons there is a widespread opinion that during monthly periods they are allowed to do permanent eyebrow makeup. This circumstance is explained by the absence of a painful reaction to this procedure. But this does not mean that you can lightly relate to the period of menstruation. For the tattoo of the eyelids, increased emotional sensitivity can be a decisive factor for postponing procedures to another time. Lip tattooing during menstruation is not recommended at all.

It should be noted that during menstruation the smallest wound can cause severe pain. The blood coagulates worse, decreases the overall level of immunity, therefore, creating additional difficulties for the body is extremely undesirable.