It hurts to introduce a tampon


During menstruation, girls often use tampons. This hygiene product is used in case of risk of leakage. However, ladies often face a problem when a tampon is painful to insert. Pain can be caused by errors in the introduction of funds, but can also signal certain processes in the female body.

Causes of pain when administered

The modern market for personal hygiene products is represented by various means that help a girl to more easily endure critical days. In this case, tampons occupy one of the leading positions when it comes to providing comfort during menstruation. Despite this attractive prospect of use, many girls complain of pain when inserting a tampon. There are many reasons why it is painful to insert a tampon:

  • trauma to the reproductive organs,
  • pathology in the female genital organs,
  • diseases of the urinary system,
  • disproportionate size of the uterus and other genital organs,
  • infectious diseases,
  • inflammatory processes.

When do you have problems?

Why do many girls complain of pain when you enter a tampon? In addition to possible diseases, there are reasons for which a girl may feel discomfort:

  1. Incorrectly chosen hygiene products. They need to choose the size and volume of the absorbed liquid, moreover, the tampons are not all firms equally suited every single girl.
  2. Incorrect or not fully inserted tampon. It should be so deep that during normal movements it is not felt at all.

In the first case, the pain may appear due to dryness in the vagina, which provoked the inconsistency of the hygienic means with the individual characteristics. Very often for this reason, menstrual flow can also occur.

In the second case, there may also be noticeable discomfort. In general, the introduction of a tampon is almost always accompanied by unpleasant sensations, but if this is done incorrectly, then any movement will respond with pain or discomfort while the tampon is inside. If such a procedure is done for the first time, then the pain can be explained by the presence of a psychological barrier. As a rule, adolescent girls, who have just started using similar hygiene products, are faced with this.

Some girls who have not used such means, fear that it may fall. However, fears are in vain. After all, the muscles securely hold the tampon in the correct position and will not let fall out.

How to avoid pain when administered

To make the process of introducing the most comfortable, you need to learn how to insert a tampon. It is worth noting that pulling out a tampon is not painful, because in this case it is enough to slightly pull the return thread, the main thing is simply not to make any sudden movements.

Insert this hygiene product with your thumb or middle finger at an angle of approximately forty-five degrees. In this case, the legs should be spread apart, and it is better to put one on the dais.

If the tampon is not felt and does not bring discomfort, then the installation is correct. If the tampon is equipped with an applicator, then with the right insertion a characteristic click will be heard. But if it does not have an applicator, then you must enter it with your finger until it stops, when the discomfort disappears completely.

To understand whether the tampon entered correctly, you should pay attention to your own feelings. If the means of protection is not felt inside, and the exhaust thread hangs down by about a third, then the procedure is carried out according to the rules.

As a rule, there should be no particular discomfort during the introduction. However, it is worth noting that the body of each girl is individual, so there may be some differences in sensations. In addition, an important role is played by the psychological factor, which can also become an obstacle to the proper installation of a hygienic product.

Removing a tampon is extremely simple. It should take the same position as during the installation, then it is recommended to maximally relax the muscles of the vagina. After pulling the thread, there will be some discomfort if the tampon is full of menstrual flow, but this does not prevent him from getting out.

Side effects of tampons during menstruation

Despite the obvious convenience, tampons are not always preferable. For example, at night it is worth refusing similar hygienic means. After all, the tampon must be changed in a timely manner, but at night this will not be possible.

If it became painful to inject a tampon, although such symptoms were not previously observed, then it is necessary to temporarily abandon their use. Perhaps these symptoms are caused by the appearance of a disease or mechanical trauma to the genitals.

It is worth listening to your own feelings when you insert a hygienic remedy. Sometimes this discomfort can be caused by an unstable condition of the uterus and other genital organs during menstruation. In this case, the discomfort disappears a few days after the start of the critical days or to the beginning of the next menstrual cycle.

If a girl who feels pain during such a procedure is not sure about the health of her reproductive system, then she needs to consult a doctor to undergo an examination and identify the cause of discomfort.

When is it better to give up the tampon

There are reasons why a girl cannot use tampons, even if at first glance her health is all right. These reasons include:

  1. Inflammatory processes in the uterus and appendages.
  2. Allergy.
  3. Dryness in the vagina.
  4. Immediately after childbirth, when the menstrual cycle has not yet recovered.

Doctors also note that a temporary rest from such hygienic devices is necessary for women who:

  • recently gave birth to a child
  • have some features in the structure of the body and internal organs,
  • were treated with vaginal preparations.

In such cases, you must stop using tampons during critical days. After all, it is fraught with not only constant pain during the introduction or during movement, but also the occurrence of diseases of the reproductive system.

The incompatibility of the materials from which the device is made, with the microflora of the body can also force them to abandon their use. Otherwise, it is fraught with inflammation in the uterus or an allergic reaction.

It should also not forget to pay attention to the shelf life of funds, which is from five to six years. Some people mistakenly believe that it does not matter, because the products are made from natural ingredients, which over time do not emit harmful substances. However, after the expiration date, the tampon may lose its ability to absorb secretions, which will lead to constant leakage and irritable mucosal reactions.

Opinion gynecologists

Doctors are unanimous in the opinion that it is painful to introduce a tampon at least once to every girl. However, the causes of this pain are different for each of them. Therefore, it is necessary to contact such a problem with your doctor, as well as be regularly examined. Then the use of tampons will benefit, not discomfort.

The fair sex should remember that excessively frequent use of such hygienic devices can harm a sensitive female body. After all, often women not only use hygienic tampons, but also curative and contraceptive. If they are incompatible with the microflora of the body, the probability of developing the disease increases several times.

Doctors also draw the attention of women to the fact that hygiene products should not be forgotten regularly replaced. After all, late replacement can cause bacteria to multiply, and then, the appearance of disease. There are also night tampons that you can not change for eight hours, but even with them you need to be careful. After this period, the device must be removed. A regular tampon should be replaced every three to four hours. Failure to follow the rules of hygiene can lead to inflammatory processes, as well as the appearance of pathological diseases.

Women's health is very fragile and can undermine any abnormality. Therefore, you should not abandon the campaign to the doctor, if there are certain ailments. Many girls have long appreciated the benefits of such types of protection as pads or menstrual cups. If the state of health allows, then during their use the girl can not limit herself in her daily activities. You can not refuse to visit the beach, gym and other places, as well as choose any clothes without fear of unpleasant incidents with the flow. However, due to low awareness of the nuances of using these hygiene products, many refuse them. Therefore, one should not be afraid to be interested in gynecologists about the features of using tampons, and then it will become much easier to stabilize one's daily activities during critical days.

It is also important to remember that the introduction of this hygiene product should not cause severe pain. On the state of health it is necessary to pay more attention and not to neglect the help and opinion of experts. This will significantly reduce the risk of disease.

Naumchik Irina Fanilevna

Psychologist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

2 days of menstruation, menstrual abundant, began to insert a tampon, for some reason I feel dryness and some kind of tightness is sick. Never had such a thing before, what could it be? Did anyone have it like that?

swab a little at the entrance to the vagina, then it is easier to enter

It happened so with obi, try tampax, they are with an applicator, great part))

Now men get excited)))

Use small tampons, the usual painful for me to enter too.

This means that the CM is lowered and you are not putting a bullshit there to shove

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It happened so with obi, try tampax, they are with an applicator, great part))

It happened so with obi, try tampax, they are with an applicator, great part))

Now men get excited)))

Idiocy in the comments). The author, before the introduction, relax the muscles of the vagina — menstruation is not a stress — but a natural process! Calm down, relax, think about the Good-and tampon super o.b. perfectly protect you!))))

why do you use tampons? gaskets is more convenient.

Today Anna bought tampons, began to introduce a tampon? there were painful sensations, I cannot enter to the end. what could it be? Sex life I have not lived for 3 years, how can it be because of this? before it was no problem.

Today Anna bought tampons, began to introduce a tampon? there were painful sensations, I cannot enter to the end. what could it be? Sex life I have not lived for 3 years, how can it be because of this? before it was no problem.

Today bought a mini tampons are well inserted. I'm 19 years old for 4-5 hours

I also fail to insert a tampon (virgin, 17 years old). It’s not so painful for me, it’s probably not pleasant, but he just doesn’t enter, he doesn’t even enter a centimeter. What am I doing wrong?

I also fail to insert a tampon (virgin, 17 years old). It’s not so painful for me, it’s probably not pleasant, but he just doesn’t enter, he doesn’t even enter a centimeter. What am I doing wrong?

do not worry! I had the same thing! most likely dryness and tightness of muscles, I personally was afraid to damage the chaff, so my 2 attempts to use tampons were unsuccessful:) after having started sexual life, we went to cheer

Lyuyuyudiiii, so how to stuff a tampon ??

why do you use tampons? gaskets is more convenient.

why do you use tampons? gaskets is more convenient.

It’s just annoying the fact that if I can’t insert a tampon, then what is the sex life in general, I’ll die there.

why do you use tampons? gaskets is more convenient.

Today bought a mini tampons are well inserted. I'm 19 years old for 4-5 hours

Buy a smaller tampon.

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What types of tampons are

The swab is made of special fiber, which has pronounced absorbent properties. Often used tightly compressed fibers of viscose, at least - cotton wool. Their main task is to keep the entire volume of discharge inside. The filler is stitched.

Medical tampons are impregnated with special substances - anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, as well as herbal decoction. Their task is to help in the treatment of inflammatory infectious diseases, pain relief.

While using tampons one should not forget that there are several types of tampons:

  1. Mini - small in size, suitable for scanty discharge or on the first and last days of menstruation.
  2. Normal - used for moderate periods.
  3. Super - suitable for use in the middle of the cycle, when the selection is abundant.
  4. Super plus - for long wear, for example when traveling or at night, as well as with heavy regulations.

Respectively, wrong choice of size leads to the fact that the tampon is painful, and when swelling from the discharge discomfort increases. Normally, discomfort is not observed, the tampon is not felt, with proper change (at least once every 3-4 hours) there is no leakage of blood.

Features of use

The most convenient to use is a tampon with a special applicator, which allows you not to touch the filler, respectively, reducing the risk of pathogenic microflora entering the vagina. It is inserted faster and easier due to the hard case.

To use a regular product without an applicator, you must enter it as deep as possible. This is what sometimes causes problems. So, with insufficient introduction of the tampon into the vagina, it can be felt, fall out, skip the discharge to the outside.

With applicator

The peculiarity of the product with an applicator is the presence of a rigid body, inside of which is located the tampon itself, made of absorbent materials and securely stitched with strong threads. The hard case consists of two parts, one of which is inserted directly into the vagina, and the second as it pushes the inner material. After that, the applicator is completely removed and is no longer used.

A large enough applicator can sometimes cause discomfort when injected. This is especially true of women who have not given birth and those who have a narrower vagina.

Means with an applicator also have different sizes and are intended for different amounts of discharge. Sometimes they are labeled with drops on a package - from 2 to 6, less often with names from “mini” to “super”.

Using products with an applicator is more hygienic:

  • you do not directly touch the filler, so germs and bacteria from the skin of the hands do not get on the tampon,
  • when using, there is no need to insert the fingers directly into the vagina, which reduces the possibility of injury to the mucous membrane,
  • such hygienic means more convenient, a woman can fully control the depth of administration.

Despite the presence of the applicator, the funds are stored in individual packages, which ensures their complete sterility. It is advisable to discard a tampon that is open in advance and not used on time.

No applicator

The absence of the applicator complicates the introduction of hygiene products into the vagina. But such tampons have compact dimensions, are cheaper, and it is also easier to control the depth of insertion and correct installation.

To insert a tampon:

  • remove the packaging, after washing your hands thoroughly and wiping them dry,
  • straighten the thread and put it aside
  • take a comfortable posture - for example, standing up, keeping one leg apart and slightly lifting,
  • Insert the tampon slowly until the finger is in the lower part of the vagina.

If you start keeping at the wrong end, the tampon will not be properly absorbed and may fall out. Be sure to unfold the thread before use and ensure that it is outside.

The hygiene product of such a plan can be used by very young girls and even virgins. Picking up the correct size (mini or normal), it is allowed to use it even if you have a hymen.

Difficult to remove

It is necessary to pull out a tampon after a certain period of time. Duration is 6 hours, but be guided by your own feelings. The need for replacement is indicated by the following factors:

  • discomfort, feeling of swelling inside the vagina,
  • the flow of blood to linen
  • falling out
  • the appearance of burning and itching inside the vagina.

The syndrome of toxic shock, the connection of which with the use of tampons has long been established, develops due to improper use and too long to wear the product. The direct cause of TSS is staphylococcus and other pathogenic microbes that form part of the vaginal microflora.

Under normal circumstances, a woman’s immunity completely blocks the activity of streptococci and staphylococci through the production of superantigens. But the use of a tampon more than the prescribed period, the use of hygiene products with high absorbency often lead to intensive reproduction of pathogenic microbes. As a result, sepsis develops, which can lead to complications, even death.

In addition to the correct introduction, it is also necessary to extract such funds carefully. You can not strongly pull the string, otherwise it can come off, and pull the tampon will be difficult. When removing, you can use the position of standing or lying, legs must be spread to the sides to open the vagina.

If the tampon is correctly inserted, the cause of the painful sensations may lie in the structural features of the genital organs and inflammatory processes. With timely replacement of hygiene products, proper selection of the size in accordance with the volume of discharge, there will be no discomfort. Moreover, the absence of nerve fibers in the lower parts of the vagina in the presence of pain suggests the development of pathology.

As a result of prolonged wear, the absorbent material swells, so it becomes very painful if it is not replaced at the proper time. In addition, a moist environment, body heat make the absorbent layer an ideal medium for the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

It is always better to use tampons with less absorption and to replace every 2–4 hours than to use superabsorbent products for prolonged wear.

Main contraindications for use

Often it is more convenient to use the pads precisely because there is no need to introduce a foreign object directly into the vagina. But there are direct contraindications for the use of tampons:

  • inflammatory process of the urinary or reproductive system,
  • allergic mood of the body - you can not use funds with fragrances or the inclusion of plant extracts,
  • the risk of defloration - in some girls before the onset of sexual activity, the hymen is lower, therefore damage may occur during use,
  • the use of suppositories, creams or other means for local exposure in the treatment of diseases of the uterus and vagina,
  • term after childbirth less than 3 months,
  • increased dryness of the vaginal mucosa, concomitant diseases or caused by the use of tampons,
  • even a single occurrence of toxic shock syndrome in the history of women.

Gynecologists also do not recommend their use for a long time, when it is impossible to carry out hygienic procedures and replace hygiene products. For example, during long trips or at night, it is advisable to use pads so that all secretions leave the woman’s body.

During puberty, the smallest tampons for girls can be used with caution in terms of volume and only when it is really necessary, for example, while swimming in open water or playing sports. At a young age, the risk of TSS is higher due to the lack of the necessary concentration of antigens in the blood that can defeat pathogenic microflora.

The use of such hygienic means is practical and convenient, it allows not to change everyday habits and remain active. However, follow the instructions for introduction and removal, do not neglect the treatment of the external genital organs during the shift and correctly select the size according to the volume of discharge during the period of critical days.

Features proper installation of tampons

Today, there are two main types of tampons - those that are equipped with special applicators and without applicator counterparts.

As for the first variety of this hygienic product, it is very convenient to use the varieties with an applicator, since with its help one can control the required depth of the protective device installation without any problems. All varieties of tampons, as a rule, are equipped with cardboard applicators, which are disposable and must be disposed of after the direct entry of hygiene products.

In order to install the applicator inside the vagina as correctly as possible, it must be inserted with the index finger up to the depth until it reaches full stop.

In the case when you install a protective agent for the first time, you need to carefully consider this process of establishing. It is necessary to insert a tampon during that period of menstruation, when the discharge is moderate. Then it is necessary to study all the instructions given in the instructions for the correct introduction in order to make the process as correct as possible.

After all preparations have been made, it is recommended that you thoroughly wash your hands so that foreign microbes that may be dangerous during menstruation do not penetrate the vagina.

Then you can sit on the toilet or put one leg on it and relax the vaginal muscles as much as possible. This is due to the fact that complete relaxation is the key to the proper establishment of a vaginal tampon.

Absorbent device must be freed from disposable packaging and open the labia in both directions with one hand in different directions. The tool must be placed the way you want it to look with a rounded end towards your vagina.

In order to make the removal of the tampon as comfortable as possible after a certain time has passed, it is equipped with a special thread, which should be placed outside after the installation of the tampon.

Introduce a tampon with a thumb or middle finger at a certain angle of forty-five degrees. When the tool has reached the stop, you can assume that you have successfully inserted it.

If the hygiene product is equipped with an applicator, then it is necessary to ensure that there is a characteristic click, this will indicate that the tampon is inserted completely. If you use a tampon without an applicator, then it can be inserted to the full depth of the finger, until the discomfort disappears.

With regard to the feeling of discomfort after the introduction of hygiene products, in this case, this may indicate that it is installed incorrectly. It may also be associated with a shallow depth, which can be corrected by deeper tampon insertion.

In order to fix this, you can push it more deeply with your finger. Consequently, the discomfort should immediately disappear.

After you have inserted a protective device and do not feel it inside, you can consider the manipulation completely complete. It is necessary to take into account that after the establishment it is necessary to wash hands with soap, so that everything is hygienic.

With regard to the extraction of devices, it is also quite simple process. It is recommended to take the same position as during installation and to relax the vaginal muscles as much as possible. At an angle of forty-five degrees, you must pull a specially designed thread, removing hygiene from the vagina. Extraction will be imperceptible only if the hygiene item is completely saturated with menstrual fluid.

When disposing of a used fixture, it is necessary to take into account that this recycling is allowed only in a garbage container. Flushing tampons into the toilet is strictly prohibited.

It should also be noted that tampons are intended for use during menstruation. As for the periods between periods, it is not necessary to enter data hygienic means to replace the daily pads.

The possibility of pain with the introduction of tampons

The use of hygiene products is a natural process resorted to by a large number of the fair sex. This is due to the fact that their use is convenient, since tampons do not impede physical activity, are invisible, and also prevent the flow of menstrual fluid to the surface of a woman’s underwear as much as possible.

If your health is all right, then painful sensations, if properly administered, are completely excluded. If you feel uncomfortable, this may indicate that you are not entering the drug at that angle or have made an incomplete introduction.

The fact that with the correct introduction you do not feel discomfort is due to the fact that in this part of the vagina there are no nerve processes, which eliminates the feeling of pain symptoms.

If, however, it is painful to introduce a tampon, then this may indicate the presence of pathologies in the female reproductive system. However, it is worth noting that it is almost impossible to independently determine the cause of such pain, therefore, it is necessary to seek advice from a gynecologist who can correctly determine the cause of pain during the introduction and tell you how to eliminate symptoms as effectively as possible.

The fact that it is painful to insert a tampon can sometimes not be particularly suspicious for some women, but you should definitely pay attention to this condition and consult with a specialist. This is necessary in order to exclude the presence of any pathologies that are not serious at first glance.

The most common causes of pain during the introduction of a tampon

If you feel uncharacteristic pain when entering hygiene products, this may indicate an inflammatory process inside the vagina. Such pathological conditions may be as follows:

  • the vagina may be sore due to the presence of any urogenital infectious processes. The most common of these infections are herpes, chlamydia and candidiasis,
  • diseases in the form of inflammatory processes of the uterus or appendages.

As for the condition when it is necessary to insert a tampon, which is impossible due to sharp pain, this can also be caused by reasons that may not be infectious:

  • various traumatic processes inside the uterus,
  • conditions that are a consequence of breaks during labor,
  • malformations of the female genital organs,
  • disproportionate dimensions of the uterus and other genital organs,
  • pathology of the urinary system.

The main contraindications to the use of tampons

Individual hygiene products are special tools that are designed to ensure maximum comfort during menstruation. However, it is worth remembering that they need to be changed in time. Therefore, at night you need to abandon the use of tampons, since you do not have the opportunity to make timely replacement.

It is necessary to highlight certain conditions in which the use of tampons is completely one hundred percent prohibited:

  • inflammation of the uterus,
  • allergic reactions
  • dry vagina syndrome,
  • postpartum period before menstrual function is not fully restored.

These cases involve the rejection of the use of tampons, as this may be the cause of pain when they are administered, as well as the development of various pathological processes in the entire reproductive system.

Hurt with a tampon - medical consultation on the doctor

You may have chosen the wrong size for tampons. But, there are girls who have all the tampons cause discomfort, so if you have the smallest tampons or after using the smallest ones, you will still have the same feelings, then these hygiene products do not suit you.
But there is an alternative. You can choose a menstrual cup for yourself. To do this, you need a gynecologist to measure the length of the vagina and choose the appropriate size of the bowl. When properly selected size and proper use of discomfort should not be.

Consultation is available around the clock. Urgent medical care is a quick response.

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What is a tampon

This is a small "bundle" of compressed cotton and viscose, which perfectly absorbs blood during menstruation. The tampon is located inside the vagina, so that the discharge does not flow out. They will delay the spongy texture of the material. Are tampons harmful? Many girls are afraid to use them, because they are confident that such means impede the normal flow of blood. However, studies of famous brands (Kotex, Tampax, Ob, etc.) prove the opposite. When the cylinder is completely saturated with secretions, moisture begins to flow through it.

Another common myth about the dangers of tampons is the perception of the danger they carry to the vaginal flora. Some believe that the daily use of such hygiene products is fraught with toxic shock and the development of cervical erosion. The likelihood of such a scenario is extremely small. Studies show that the occurrence of pathologies is possible if the tampon is incorrectly selected and injected. As a result, microcracks of the mucous membrane of the organ may occur, opening the way for harmful bacteria.

How to choose the right hygienic

Gynecologists agree that give preference to better known brands of tampons, avoiding the "miraculous" Chinese means. In addition, their price is not too high compared with goods of unknown origin. A quality product packaging contains detailed description and certification information. Given the degree of benefit and low probability of harm to tampons, modern girls can safely use them. With the right choice and use of hygiene products will be comfortable and indispensable during menstruation.

Tampon size

Like pads, tampons vary in size. They are indicated depending on how much discharge they are calculated. Absorbency level is indicated on the package by the number of droplets. The smallest size have funds for 1-2 drops. They can even be used by a teenage girl or a girl with a poor menstruation. Cotton cylinders from 3 drops and more - this is the best option for women in whom blood is released in large quantities. Some brands, for example, Obi, designate the amount of absorbency as follows:

  • Mini (recommended for girls with scanty discharge)
  • Normal (suitable for girls with minor / moderate discharge),
  • Super (used for heavy menstruation),
  • Super plus (the best option for a very abundant discharge of blood).

Many women do not always use the same, but acquire several types of tampons at once, using products with a suitable level of protection during different periods of menstruation. For example, if the first days of menstruation are characterized by abundant discharge, they use tampons for 3-4 drops. After, when the blood is not so strong, the girls go to the means with a lower degree of absorption (1-2 drops or Mini).

How to insert a tampon: instructions for use

The question interests many young girls who recently faced the need to use them. No health problems will arise if properly used cotton cylinder. Menstruation is a natural process, and every woman should decide which hygienic means best for her. Below are tips on how to properly use a tampon.

How to remove

  1. The constant preparatory stage is washing hands with soap.
  2. Take a comfortable position while sitting on the toilet or squatting, relax the pelvis.
  3. Pull out a tampon with a thread. To do this, pull it down and slightly forward.
  4. When the cylinder is completely out of the vagina, wrap it in toilet paper or a prepared bag and throw it in the trash can (if you flush the object in the toilet, this can lead to blockage of sewage pipes).
  5. It happens that a tampon goes deep inside with a string. In such situations, it is worthwhile to sit on the toilet and try to push as if having a bowel movement. As a rule, the subject goes on its own. If the method does not work, contact your gynecologist, who will help you remove the hygienic without any problems.

Many girls of young age, who have never used a tampon, are worried that the tool can damage the hymen. As a consequence, the question arises: can girls use tampons? If you know how to use them correctly, there will be no problems. Средство гигиены позволяет бегать, купаться в море или посещать бассейн в период менструации, чего не сделаешь, нося прокладки. Отзывы свидетельствуют, что 90% девушек предпочитают применять удобные и незаметные под одеждой тампоны. Узнайте, как пользоваться тампоном в первый раз, из видео ниже.

Contraindications to use

  1. After giving birth to a cesarean section.
  2. With the special structure of the hymen (this question should be clarified with the gynecologist).
  3. Sick women during the treatment of vaginal infections and with the introduction of any vaginal preparations.
  4. If, when using tampons, a feeling of vaginal dryness appears, there is a chance of damaging the organ mucosa, so they should be discarded.
  5. It is forbidden to use with adnexitis, vulvovaginitis, adenomyosis, other diseases of the female genital organs.

How many years can I use tampons?

Most girls have their first menstruation between the ages of 11 and 14 years. During this period, the opening of the vagina has a diameter of 1.5-2 cm, and the maximum size of the tampon is 1.5 cm. Therefore, hygienic means can be used by girls without harming their health. However, at first it is better to use small sizes - “mini” or “standard” (by 1-3 drops). To facilitate the process of inserting the tampon inside, it is worth using tools with applicators.

Can virgins use tampons?

The tool is suitable even for those girls who have not yet started sex life. Tampons for girls is better to choose small sizes (up to 3 drops). They are not dangerous for the hymen, if used carefully. Use Tampax, Koteks or Ob allowed from the first days of menstruation. The main thing is to follow the rules of application and choose the means of the appropriate size.

How to go to the toilet with a tampon?

Many inexperienced girls are interested in whether it is possible to go to the toilet with a tampon. It is not necessary to change the hygienic to a new one with each trip to the ladies room. The tampon is located in the vagina, which is not related to the process of cleansing the bowel or urinating. If you have changed recently, there is no reason to replace it again.

How often do I need to change?

Check the need to change the tampon may gently pulling the rope. If it comes out easily, it's time to change. It is allowed to leave the product if the cylinder does not give in with a slight thrust. Since each day of menstruation differs in a different volume of discharge, adjust the time for changing tampons. If less than 4 hours have passed since the use of hygiene products, and you already feel the need for replacement, you can pick up tampons of greater absorbency.

An ideal, though not economical, option is to change cotton cylinders every 3-4 hours, even with weak secretions. Doctors do not recommend using a tampon at night, as it is unacceptable to remain in the vagina for longer than 6 hours. The optimal solution is to wear a long padding before bedtime, which will protect you from leaking when lying down, and in the morning change it to a comfortable cotton cylinder. It is important to understand how to properly wear underwear on such days: if you do not use extra panty liners, it is better not to wear light-colored trousers and a skirt.

Photo sample: how to insert a tampon

Why are tampons needed if there are pads? The main advantage of the first is complete freedom of action and convenience during use. Even the thinnest pads deliver some discomfort and hamper movement. Despite the popularity of tampons, some of the fair sex have not yet had to use them. Girls do not always know how to insert a cotton cylinder to avoid unpleasant and painful sensations. Below is an illustrative diagram of how to use tampons.

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