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What is menstrual pants?

Miki Agraval is one of the founders of the THINX brand. She never gets tired of telling the story that inspired the idea to create menstrual pants. During a trip to Uganda on the street, I met a troubled teenage girl who was in no hurry to go to school. She told an unpleasant story about her weekly disgrace associated with the monthly. In Uganda, women are not allowed to stay in public places, since it is impossible to hide the menstruation due to the lack of basic hygiene facilities.

The story inspired Miki to create special panties that do not look different from ordinary underwear, but absorb menstrual flow up to 28 ml. For comparison, equals the absorption of two large tampons. Together with her sister, friend, the product was created. Production facilities are located in Sri Lanka. A percentage of sales is transferred to a charitable foundation that provides Ugandan women with basic hygiene on critical days.

Externally, really, do not differ from ordinary ones. Produced in two colors - black, beige, 6 variations for normal discharge, minimal and abundant. Special underwear is glossy on the outside, soft on the inside. For the manufacture of used hypoallergenic material, the last layer retains moisture inside, does not interfere with air circulation, does not create the greenhouse effect. Menstrual pants will not always be able to replace the pads, tampons, menstrual cup, but can always be used to secure a random flow.

Safety for the female body

The main question that interests women and many manufacturers-competitors. It is doubtful the last layer, which retains moisture, as well as prolonged use during the day.

Special underwear is allowed to wear during the day, as usual underwear. They actively absorb secretions, but do not create favorable conditions for the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

  1. The last layer has a unique structure, due to which there is a full circulation of air, there is no greenhouse effect, diaperity and irritation do not occur. Made of spandex.
  2. The top layer is extremely soft from hypoallergenic, natural fabric - cotton. Well absorbs menstrual flow, but does not create a feeling of moisture, as is the case when using low-quality pads or diapers.
  3. The inner layer contains silver ions, which are a powerful antibacterial component. Due to this, the growth of the pathogenic microflora does not occur, there is no unpleasant smell, and the pants can be worn all day. It is he who makes products innovative, unique. Inside contains a patented mechanism that is of interest to many competitors.

Brand lingerie is available from recent times, but managed to attract attention. Experts disassemble them far and wide, and women write impressions about the effectiveness after use. In the press, there is no information about the health risks of this product, no complaints from customers. Theoretically, the products are safe, in practice, there is no disproving data yet.

Advantages and disadvantages

Panties for menstruation have many advantages, there are negative points. In general, women and experts compare pants with other hygiene products - tampons, bowls, pads.


  • The composition which is thought over to trifles - hypoallergenic, natural top layer, air-permeable bottom, antibacterial average. Panties do not provoke allergies, diaper rash, itching, burning, restrain odor.
  • Application does not cause difficulties - it is necessary to put on, as usual pants. Particularly convenient products for young girls who are just learning all the subtleties of life during critical days.
  • Have an attractive appearance, do not differ from the usual underwear. Thin, stylish, fashionable, beautiful. They are produced in light, dark shades, six models for different days of menstruation - with minor secretions, normal, abundant. Corresponds to the usual "droplets" on packages with gaskets, tampons.
  • The maximum absorbency is 28 ml, which is equal to the ability of two large tampons. There is no need to change the hygiene every 2 hours.
  • Can be used in conjunction with gaskets, swabs, if necessary. The fact is that menstrual pants will not be able to keep heavy bleeding. Well absorbed pads have to be changed in this case every 1-2 hours. In this case, are used as an additional means to prevent leakage. Great for night use. If tampons are used, leakage is also possible, if not changed in a timely manner, special underwear helps prevent embarrassment.
  • Briefs are easy to use - easy to wash. Initially in cold water, then in a washing machine with other things. According to the manufacturers, they will serve just as much as regular underwear.
  • The use of special pants is convenient if you want to undress to the underwear during a medical examination, at beauty contests, and other similar events. Does not cause embarrassment.
  • When buying three pieces in a set discount is valid.

The disadvantages of innovative products are also:

  • Menstruation panties are not able to absorb more menstrual flow. The maximum capacity is 28 ml or 2 tampons, which corresponds to the second, fourth day of menstruation with a duration of 5 days. That is, at the time of strong discharge should still use the gasket. When bleeding can only be used as an aid.
  • If suddenly there were abundant discharge, you need to urgently resolve the issue with the purchase of gaskets. Panties should be changed. Therefore, on particularly dangerous days, it becomes necessary to carry with you both spare underwear and the usual means of hygiene.
  • Do not replace tampons, menstrual cup during water procedures. No use during sailing.
  • Causes acquisition difficulties. Unique pants not available for sale, you can only buy through the Internet.

All the flaws would quickly be smoothed out if the pants had an affordable price. The cost of production is calculated in dollars, so not all women can afford such a purchase. Interesting is the fact that women in Uganda, which list a percentage of sales, are not supplied with innovative underwear, but all the same pads.

How not to leak?

Not always critical days come and go according to plan, various curious situations are possible. Each experienced woman in this case there are misfires with the flow, not to mention teenage girls. To prevent an unpleasant situation use pants THINX.

  • Wear special underwearwhen the beginning of menstruation is expected, but they are not present or there is a slight discharge. Hygiene product replaces the daily pads in this case, which often cause allergies, do not allow the skin to breathe.
  • With a strong bleeding panties, too, as a find. It is not always possible to change the gasket in a timely manner, for underwear they wear special underwear. Rescues on the road, at the event, with a long stay in public places.
  • Often a problem with leakage occurs during sleep. During menstruation, it is difficult to call a woman's full-fledged sleep, she changes her posture up to 20 times overnight. Improper body position or strong discharge leads to stains on the underpants, bedding. Especially unpleasant is the situation when you have to spend the night at a party. Innovative underwear also eliminates this disadvantage by abolishing the use of absorbent diapers folded in several layers of bed sheets.
  • Overestimate the ability of cowards, too, is not worth it. In case of heavy discharge, use gaskets additionally.

To prevent leakage, you should use hygiene products correctly, select depending on the amount of discharge.

Price where to buy?

Menstrual pants are not widely available, but even if they had appeared, they would not have caused a mass rush due to the high cost. The price of an innovative means of hygiene from $ 24 to $ 38. Not everyone can afford such luxury, even though the thing is worthy of attention. You can order products only through the Internet. Sometimes you have to wait for delivery 2 months, but product manufacturers assure that in the near future they will shorten the delivery time to our country by 10 days. Purchasing from dealers on websites does not take much time for delivery, but exceeds the price.

Sealed panties for menstruation can also be ordered independently, on Aliexpress site, the cost of such goods will be from 150 to 450 rubles, depending on the seller and delivery.

Dear readers, your opinion is very important to us - that is why we will be happy to receive feedback on the effectiveness of briefs for monthly comments, they will be useful to other users!


As soon as I read the information about innovative shorts, I decided to buy them for any price. The order was made via the Internet, communicated with representatives in America. I had to wait for the parcel for two months, but for my suffering they sent additional shorts of a different color. Size fits one to one, sit perfectly. Do not differ from the usual underwear - thin, soft inside, complemented by beautiful lace. Has put on the first day of menstruation. It so happened that this day fell on the move - changed the apartment. All things are packed in advance, transported, I was left to wait for the previous owner to clarify some nuances. Instead of one promised hour, I had to wait six. All this time the pants were on me, periodically jumped up from the sofa, went to the toilet to check. Confuza did not happen. There was no specific smell, the feeling that I was not in the diaper either. But it seemed that they absorb longer than pads, hence some discomfort. My conclusion is that there is a future for these cowards, a necessary thing.


Accidentally I saw the presentation of innovative panties, became interested, decided to try. Ordered via the Internet, the parcel arrived in a month. The design, and how sat on the figure is completely satisfied. I was afraid that I would look like my grandmother at one time in huge shorts. In application they resemble gaskets, but do not stick, do not rustle, do not rub the delicate skin of the vagina, perineum, do not slip. Thin, stylish. Efficiency on the first day disappointed me, did not meet expectations. Clothing still got dirty. Inside there is one seam, which, if absorbed moisture, soils things. Blood to the brim, too guard. That is, if you have a problem with dirtying of wings of gaskets, leakage, there will be with cowards. My conclusion - you can only use as a safety net and days with minor secretions - first, last.

Reviews of women with aliexpress

order came pretty quickly. the fabric itself is thin, and the lining is thick, I hope that they will justify their appointment.

not yet tested. but sound good

not as comfortable as they seem. front, too, need to do extended protection. This is if you plan on using them at night. if the day in case of surprises, then it is quite normal

Fast delivery, track tracked. Panties are packed in a bag with a clasp. Rather tall, well drawn. On the back of the canvas fabric, insert, soft to the touch, like a hb with non-slip. Fully consistent with the description. Thank you seller.

Good panties for critical days. They sit comfortably, inside the insert from the leak, in front of the pocket for a spare prokdadki, which without problems even the night olveyz fit. We must take))

How are briefs for menstruation different from ordinary

When most of us think about underwear for menstruation, it presents black panties in grandma's style, which see the light only for one week of the month. However, monthly shorts look much better.

Most of them provide hermetic protection, others can be worn instead of a pad or tampon. Some brands offer panty with a pocket kangaroo in front, where you can place a heating pad so that it eases the cramp. And all brands offer more peace of mind and no fear due to possible leakage.

PantyProp pants will help solve the problem of leaks and dirt caused by the fact that the pads are slipping, the tampons are filled too quickly, and the contents of the menstrual cups are being poured. Even gaskets with wings can stray to the side.

PantyProp solves this problem with a special patented absorbent insert with an additional mesh integrated into the crotch of the panty that holds the gasket securely in place. This not only prevents leaks and blemishes, but also helps to avoid irritation that may occur when the pad rubs against the foot, or to avoid discomfort from wearing tampons or menstrual cups.

In addition to the monthly panties, PantyProp offers special swimsuits, leggings and body.


Lunapanties is a hybrid product that is a fabric pad sewn directly into the gusset of the panty, making the device less cumbersome. This manufacturer offers a wide selection of menstrual underwear for various needs of a woman - flow intensity, body type and other unique factors.

Thinx panties are made from comfortable, high-quality materials that protect against leakage and germs. This underwear for menstruation has a waterproof layer. You can wear them as a fallback during menstruation or even on your own. Thinx can absorb about two swabs of discharge. Even the thong of this brand provides some protection and has a waterproof layer, like all other Thinx panties.

Anigan is a stylish menstrual panties, in appearance not at all like underwear for critical days. Thanks to a breathable waterproof layer, these panties can give a woman peace of mind and protection from leakage.

Vv SkiVvys

Vv SkiVvys have a waterproof lining and a tight fit, which is designed to give a woman peace of mind during menstruation even on the most difficult days.

Dear Kate is a menstrual underwear with a patented absorbent lining. These panties are designed to carry with you as a backup instead of a tampon, menstrual cup or pad. You can wear them yourself.

An elegant medieval lady during menstruation could easily wear a special belt-held diaper, connected by a protective rubber skirt, under her skirts. To provide warmth and decorum from below, special pantaloons with a crotch cut were put on. But gradually with the development of technology, these bulky adaptations ceased to be used.


PantiePads are monthly disposable panties with a built-in gasket that is designed to provide protection for 12 hours. PantiePads are made of biodegradable material that feels like cotton. These panties are great for night use and for those cases when a woman has an intense flow. It is also a great choice for traveling when you don’t know how soon you can get to the lavatory to change the gasket.

Modibodi manufactures and sells high-quality panties for menstruation from the end of 2013. They absorb enough so that a woman can wear them without a tampon or pad. В зависимости от уровня поглощения, они могут впитать эквивалент половины тампона или двух тампонов.

Period Panteez

Period Panteez — это трехслойные менструальные трусики в виде шортиков, похожие на утягивающее белье. Сжатие этих трусов помогает против судорог и вздутия живота. Хлопковая подкладка обеспечивает воздухопроницаемость, а также обеспечивает исключительную абсорбцию. Носить эти трусики во время месячных нужно вместе с тампоном или прокладкой.

Knixwear работает на рынке с весны 2013 года. Их линия нижнего белья предназначена для ношения во время упражнений, таких как йога, кроссфит или бег. Их можно носить самостоятельно во время месячных, если у женщины не очень интенсивный поток.

Как выбрать трусы для месячных

If you know that you have heavy periods and there are leaks, then Thinx panties with a waterproof barrier and high absorption are the best option for you.

If you're just looking for a backup option “just in case”, then you probably fit the Dear Kate panties.

Those who can’t get to the bathroom as often as they would like, are likely to get calm from PantiePads underwear.

If the look of the panties is important to you, then look at Anigan or Lunapanties.

And, of course, if the budget issue is important to you, choose the underwear with the lowest cost.

And finally, a little bit of humor.

Donald Trump face and menstrual blood

The best way to take revenge on politicians for the fact that they are terrible people is to cover their faces with menstrual blood. Finally came the underwear, which allow it to do. The American brand Cute Fruit Undies has created special panties for menstruation with politicians who are ready and waiting to be soaked with blood. There are many famous people among politicians, for example, Donald Trump.

This underwear is made of moisture-resistant absorbent material that will not allow a woman to feel wet. It can be worn without a pad or tampon throughout the day.

Reusable pads on critical days should be comfortable, affordable and well made. Woven pads should remain in place and absorb as well, if not better, like any disposable hygiene products.