Etamzilat for stopping menstruation: indications for its appointment


Monthly women accompany the entire reproductive period of life. On average, from 12 years to 50 this period lasts. For every girl or woman, all this happens individually, for some of them, menstruation is a simple and easy phenomenon, and someone endures “critical days” with difficulty, suffering and aching.

Many of the women in their lives are faced with such a problem during menstruation, as profuse and heavy bleeding, sometimes even prolonged.

What is abundant periods?

During the normal course of menstruation, a woman loses up to 80 milliliters of blood. The volume exceeding the above threshold is considered in gynecology enhanced and excessive. The so-called abundant periods can occur due to various causes and problems in the body.

In this case, they usually take hemostatic drugs and folk remedies. But in any case, these drugs are taken only on prescription, after examination and testing.

If you do not take hemostatic agents, then the quality of life of a woman with heavy menses will decrease significantly. But in no case can not use drugs at their discretion and discretion. Only after proper examination by a gynecologist are determined the main causes of this phenomenon, as abundant discharge of blood during menstruation.

The main causes of heavy menstruation include the following causes and diseases:

  • Inflammatory processes in the body of different etiology
  • The presence of a spiral in the uterus
  • Start of the menstrual cycle
  • Onset of menopause
  • Tumors of reproductive organs, for example, myoma, fibroma
  • Hormonal disorders in the body
  • Low in the body of vitamin a
  • Iron deficiency
  • Ovarian failure
  • Long absence of menstruation the day before
  • Hypofunctionality of the thyroid
  • States after operations different plan
  • Hemopoiesis diseases
  • Uterus lesions
  • Oncology
  • Endometrium
  • Viral and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Polyps

Only by determining the exact causes of bleeding during menstruation, and having made the correct diagnosis, can we talk about prescribing the necessary treatment, choosing a drug. This medicine should not only reduce the amount of blood in the discharge of a woman, but also normalize the menstruation cycle.

In practice, it has been proven that doctors prescribe only proven drugs for treatment that they are sure of.

Drug etamzilat

Etamzilat has a hemostatic effect.

Precisely such a drug is etamzilat. It is a drug that has the ability to suspend blood in case of damage to the capillaries and during heavy periods. And several types of forms of this drug give a clear possibility of using the drug Etamsylate in different situations.

The drug Etamzilat has a hemostatic effect, without affecting such an indicator as an indicator of blood clotting time, that is, it does not cause the formation of clots from the blood. The tool forms thromboplastin and mucopolysaccharides.

Etamzilat normalizes the quality of vessel walls, improves blood microcirculation. The drug does not form blood clots and does not act as a hypercoagulant. After taking the drug Etamzilat, the effect occurs 10 minutes after the injection is injected intravenously. In other cases, the reception effect occurs much later.

Duration of action - 6-8 hours. The active substance is then excreted in the urine for the next 72 hours.

Contraindications and minor side effects

There are contraindications for the use of etamzilat:

  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Thrombosis
  • Thromboembolism
  • Hemorrhagic
  • Lactation period (excreted in milk)

There may be side effects, after occurrence, which should stop using the medication and consult a doctor. But usually when taking the drug in the form of injections intramuscularly or intravenously, side effects are extremely rare.

When taking ethanzilate in pills during menstruation, you may receive:

  • Gastrointestinal tract
  • Heartburn and bloating
  • Face hypertension
  • Foot parasthesia
  • Dizziness and pain in the neck

During treatment, one should remember about the dosage prescribed by the doctor and not exceed it. Increasing the dose does not lead to quick results.

Menorrhagia is the name for elevated heavy menstruation. It is this disease that is perfectly treated with etamzilat. When conducting a complex treatment on the basis of Etamzilat, menorrhagia stops worrying. The dosage of the drug, as mentioned above, is appointed by an expert individually, but not less than 2-3 cycles of 5-10 days.

The usual rate of administration of etamzilat with monthly:

  1. 0.5 grams every 5-6 hours in the form of tablets, in the future - 0.25 grams 4 times a day
  2. 0.25 grams in the form of injections after 6 hours - first, in the next period - 2 times a day

If other drugs are prescribed for administration by injection, then in no case should you mix other drugs with etamzilat in the same syringe.

With proper administration of the drug, the dosage is gradually reduced, which is recommended to smoothly reduce the effects of etamzilat. Abrupt refusal of the drug is undesirable. Sometimes Etamzilat is combined with Vikasol and Aminocaproic acid.

Antami Etamzilat

There are analogues of the drug Etamzilat, which also have an active substance, but are called otherwise:

  • Altodor
  • Aglumin
  • Dicynon
  • Ezelin
  • Impedil and others

Many patients complain about the late action of the medication.

Etamzilat is produced by various pharmaceutical companies in many countries:

  • In the Russian Federation at the plants and enterprises of Biosintez, Polifarm, Bryntsalov-A, Farmavid and others
  • In Ukraine - Experimental Plant Ukrmedproma, Lugansk chemical. farm plant
  • In Belarus - Borisov Medical Preparations, Minskintercaps

According to reviews of many patients who took etamzilat during menstruation during heavy bleeding and bleeding, certain conclusions can be drawn.

Women consider the positive aspects of this remedy:

  • Low and affordable cost of medication
  • Minimum side effects
  • High efficacy in the treatment of

Many patients complain about the late action of the drug, which happens in very rare cases. It is extremely rare to prevent menorrhagia 20 hours after the first dose of etamzilat.

Etamzilat for menstruation with copious blood discharge is an indispensable medication. But before you start taking the drug, you need to consult with a gynecologist.

See what could be the reason for heavy periods:

Causes of heavy periods

For a start, it is worthwhile to determine for what reasons women and girls may have abundant periods, which sometimes interfere with the normal flow of life. The most common cause of heavy discharge is hormonal disruption in the body. Due to sharp hormone surges, women can observe bleeding, menstrual cycle disturbances, and a change in the abundance of discharge during menstruation.

In this case, special attention should be paid to the period of menopause in a woman’s life, since women often bleed during this period due to hormonal changes due to menopause. Therefore, during this period, drugs are often prescribed to improve the condition.

Also the profusion of menstruation may vary due to inflammatory processes in the body. If infectious diseases such as gonorrhea, chlamydia and ureaplasma are found in a woman, changes in the discharge are often observed during menstruation and unpleasant symptoms appear - pain, swelling, bloating.

Such contraception, like the uterine helix, may not be suitable for some women in its properties; therefore, deterioration and change in the abundance of menstruation are often observed due to the spiral inside. In this case, you need to monitor your health, and if the profusion of menstruation increases after the introduction of the helix, you should immediately consult a doctor to prevent other serious symptoms.

And the most serious causes of heavy discharge during menstruation are cancer of the uterus and its walls. In this case, diagnosis and testing, as well as timely visits to the gynecologist will help to detect the disease. So, in any of these cases, an examination by a gynecologist will help detect the disease in time and determine the cause of the bleeding, after which the doctor must prescribe a treatment that is suitable for the woman individually.

How does etamzilat for stopping menstruation

Most often, to restore menstruation and stop bleeding, doctors prescribed etamzilat, which has its own individual properties and has a special effect on the body.

The drug Etamzilat is available in tablets that are taken by mouth. After use, the drug improves blood viscosity, does not form blood clots and clots, so that the consistency of blood normalizes and the bleeding stops. After pills enter the body, they are processed and excreted in the urine within 3 days.

Drug dosage

If self-treatment is carried out, the instructions for use will explain how to properly dose the drug. For example, with an average profusion of discharge, Etamzilat is prescribed 1 tablet several times a day, with a strong profusion the drug is used 3 tablets several times a day, and if you need to urgently stop the bleeding, Etamzilat is injected. Thus, in emergency cases, Etamzilat will be a good helper. If possible, it is better to consult a doctor in order not to harm yourself and your health.

Review of the drug Etamzilat for stopping menstruation

After visiting the doctor, he prescribed Etamzilat and said that after the menstruation, you need to be examined. There were practically no reviews about this drug, so I was very worried, but on the first day of taking it, my health improved, the bleeding stopped.

After menstruation, I visited the hospital and it turned out that the infection was to blame. After treatment, menstruation and their abundance returned to normal, and recently learned that a friend was taking the drug during pregnancy, since a slight bleeding began. The doctor responded quickly and her friend's condition quickly improved. So Etamzilat is a universal remedy. "