Is it possible to attend a tanning salon during menstruation and is it dangerous?


Menstrual flow makes a woman give up a number of classes. With the approach of summer, more and more patients are wondering whether it is possible to go to the solarium during menstruation or to sunbathe under direct rays. Experts advise some girls to abandon the effects of ultraviolet radiation, while others are more prepared for sunbathing.

Solarium or natural tan

Many believe that tanning in a solarium is less dangerous than sunbathing under the natural rays of the sun due to the possibility of selecting the necessary dose of radiation. This is a myth that is not supported by any facts. There is no difference in visiting a tanning bed or a sunbathing near the sea. After all, the harm from ultraviolet rays will be in both cases and the likelihood of negative consequences is the same during menstruation.

If on vacation, not planned bleeding can be taken by surprise (abrupt climate change, stress), then the procedures in the solarium can be refused in time. It is not difficult to visit the salon on other days.

Some girls use tanning beds to reduce menstrual pain due to vitamin D. Ultraviolet radiation and the truth increases the synthesis of the hormone of pleasure and stabilizes the overall hormones. The menstrual cycle itself is getting better, the discomfort associated with PMS goes away. But it is better to sunbathe before the onset of monthly bleeding. Learn how to facilitate PMS in the article at the link.

Any doctor, answering the question whether it is possible to visit a solarium during the month, will advise her patient to refrain from ultraviolet radiation.

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Effect on blood

Under the influence of the sun the blood liquefies, therefore the risk of severe bleeding increases. Sometimes you may even need urgent hospitalization.

The rash during menstruation is disturbed by many women. There is a myth that acne is getting less from the sun. In fact, it is dangerous to go to the solarium or to the beach with skin irritations or acne.

Changes in the skin during menstruation are also dangerous for other cosmetic procedures. Find out if you can do hair removal during menstruation and what are the consequences of manipulation these days.

Tanning quality

Hormonal changes at the beginning of the cycle do not allow you to get the desired skin tone. But more importantly, the low production of melanin reduces the protective function of the skin from the damage of the sun's rays.

Because of the individual characteristics of the body, some women can still bask in the sun, but not for long. Make the final decision will help the second half of the article.

What you need to consider before you go to the beach on critical days

To understand whether it is possible to sunbathe during a month to a particular person, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:

  1. Age. The older the woman, the more contraindications. This also includes problems with the skin, metabolic processes and protective functions of the body.
  2. Health status. If critical days are normal, there are no gynecological pathologies, then you can spend a little time in the sun.
  3. The amount of discharge. If the volume of menstruation exceeds the norm (80 ml), menorrhagia was observed in the past, then direct sunlight and tanning beds are dangerous.
  4. Weather. We immediately exclude a long stay under a strongly scorching sun, at moderate air temperatures you can sunbathe, but not for long.


The negative answer of the doctor to the question whether it is possible to sunbathe during menstruation is immediately obtained by women with the following problems:

  • any neoplasms, including benign,
  • phlebeurysm,
  • krauroz,
  • uterine fibroids,
  • polyps
  • cervical erosion,
  • endometrial hyperplasia,
  • cysts on the ovaries,
  • infection,
  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs,
  • diseases of the genitourinary system.

The main reason to postpone a visit to the solarium and the beach is the high risk of new complications of the disease due to exposure to the sun. It is not recommended to use tampons, and with gaskets it will be uncomfortable. This rule also applies to normal cycle days, so contact with ultraviolet with such health problems is best kept to a minimum.

Relative contraindications

There are a number of cases where temporary prohibitions occur during menstruation for sunbathing:

  • fatigue or drowsiness,
  • severe pain in the abdomen and lower back,
  • copious bloody discharge
  • the risk of bleeding due to overheating,
  • rashes, redness of the skin and burns,
  • feeling unwell (dizziness, weakness).

In such situations, you need to abandon any tan. Sometimes this state of health is noted in the first days of menstruation, and then everything returns to normal. Even then a minimum stay under the sun is allowed, but only under certain conditions.

Possible effects of visiting the solarium during menstruation.

When a woman asks a gynecologist if she can sunbathe in the solarium during her period, receives a negative answer and still does not take into account the recommendations of a specialist, she risks to suffer from the following:

  • severe blood loss (bleeding is not excluded),
  • high probability of loss of consciousness,
  • skin irritation and rash,
  • spotted tan
  • aggravation of gynecological disease
  • health problems in the future.

During menstruation, a woman’s body suffers a certain amount of stress. A visit to a beauty salon or a long stay in the sun further aggravates the situation. By the way, many of the salon procedures in special women's days are not recommended. For example, eyelash extension during menstruation can also lead to a number of unpleasant consequences.

The basic rules for tanning during menstruation

Even in the absence of contraindications and a stable cycle, it is important to follow certain rules for tanning during menstrual discharge:

  1. You can safely tan before 11 am and after dinner, when the sun is not so scorching.
  2. Being on the beach can be no more than an hour under an umbrella or in the natural shade of a tree.
  3. A large amount of fluid you drink will reduce the risk of severe overheating of the body.
  4. Tanner applied to the body better to the beach, choosing a sufficient level of protection.
  5. You should not use tampons, because the heat is the most favorable period for the reproduction of pathogens.
  6. If weakness is noted in the morning, it is recommended not to sunbathe on this day at all.
  7. It is advisable to be on busy beaches, abandoning the wild coast.

Solarium with monthly should be immediately deleted. Vacation is more difficult to transfer, therefore it is enough to observe the recommendations and not to allow the body to overheat. It is necessary to take into account contraindications, in the presence of which sunburn during menstruation is most dangerous to health.

What is monthly?

Menstrual cycle - It is a monthly process in which the rejection of the mucous layer of the uterine cavity occurs. The process is accompanied by abundant secretions, most of which is blood.

This process is natural and should be observed in every woman until a certain age, which is called menopause.

During the menstrual cycle, there is an increase in hormone emissions, which is why many of the weaker women feel pain symptoms and many other unpleasant symptoms.

The first menstruation begins at the age when the girl has a full formation of the genitals. For each person, this time comes at a different age and carries different symptoms.

How long is menstruation?

Each organism is unique, so the monthly allocation can go each differently.

However, gynecologists say that the normal period of menstruation is from 3 to 6 days. At the same time a gradual decrease in discharge after 3-4 days should be observed.

If the discharge does not stop for more than six days and is abundant, it is necessary to contact the medical institution for a pelvic exam.

Also, if the discharge is observed for less than three days, it may be a precursor of any violations that only a doctor can detect.

Can I go to the solarium during menstruation?

The question whether it is possible to sunbathe during the critical days, in the sun or in a solarium, is troubling many of the weaker sex. However, an unequivocal answer to this question is almost impossible to express.

Of course, there are some prohibitions and warnings, but before going to a woman’s salon during these days, a woman needs to consult her own gynecologist for help in making the right decision.

Is there a danger of visiting a tanning salon during menstruation?

Many representatives of the weaker sex do not take into account the recommendations of experts, and visit salons to purchase the desired skin tone.

When referring to specialists for services, girls should know that at the time of menstruation their body weakens, and factors appear that are affected by a tanning bed negatively.

In addition, the release of hormones is uneven, so it’s safe to say that after the services of a tanning salon there will be no complications of any kind.

Ultraviolet rays adversely affect the female genitals during menstruation, which carries a greater risk of getting a serious gynecological disease.

The danger increases for the following categories of girls who have such signs:

  • The presence of an acute pain symptom in the critical cycle
  • Not regular cycle
  • Observation of heavy discharge
  • Recently performed genital surgery
  • Hormonal disruptions

Such representatives of the weaker sex to use UV waves during the monthly discharge is prohibited.

Sunburn during menstruation

Sunbathing during the critical days is allowed if the girl has no gynecological diseases. And the monthly discharge occurs without observing pain symptoms and other unpleasant components. If there are abundant discharge and sharp spasms of pain, the fire should be postponed.

The effects of tanning on the body during menstruation

Ultraviolet rays affect each organism differently, but there are some general effects of this process:

  • Increased blood pressure, and the deterioration of the general well-being of girls

  • Increased pain in the abdomen
  • Observation of failures in the monthly cycle
  • Increase the abundance of secretions
  • The possibility of uneven distribution of skin tone
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Before visiting the salon these days it is necessary to weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of the consequences.

Increase the amount of discharge

Everyone knows that with increasing body temperature, blood circulates in blood vessels much faster. Therefore, when taking sunbathing, a situation may arise which will lead to an increase in the profusion of blood discharge, as well as an increase in pain symptoms. Therefore, to prevent the occurrence of such a situation, during the menstruation, the tanning trip should be postponed.

This is the most common answer to the question: "Why can not visit the solarium during menstruation?"

Irregular tanning

Each girl at the time of menstruation may show signs that appear on the skin in the form of age spots or rashes. During the tanning procedure during this period, there may be an uneven distribution of hue, which was provoked by changes in the hormonal background. Such cases are rare, however, still happen.

Impairment of well-being

The body at the time of menstruation loses its protection and is weak, the additional load on which can lead to poor health, up to loss of consciousness. Before you go to the salon it is necessary to assess the general state of health.

The most common deterioration of health during the use of the rays is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • General weakness
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Sharp abdominal pain
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Increased body temperature.

Complications of the disease, if any

Girls should be aware that in the presence of any diseases, it is not recommended to visit a tanning salon, this may carry the risk of complications and lead to serious consequences. Especially if these diseases are inflammatory, the effect of UV light can accelerate the development of the disease and complicate the treatment procedure.

The downside of most drugs are side effects. Often drugs cause severe intoxication, subsequently causing complications of the kidneys and liver. To prevent the side effects of such drugs, we want to pay attention to special phytoampons. Read more here.

Low chance of tanning

In the presence of menstruation may worsen the result from visiting a sunny room. This is due to the fact that the body during this period produces too little of the enzyme that is responsible for the absorption of tanning. Therefore, there may be situations when visiting the salon does not bring the desired results.

Tampon inflammation

During a visit to the solarium for menstrual flow, you must use a tampon.

This may carry a hidden hazard, since the use of tampons can be a dangerous possibility of developing various infections.

In a situation where the body temperature increases, the use of tampons in a tanning bed can lead to the appearance of inflammatory processes.

What time can I go to a tanning salon if a tan is needed?

To visit the salon should wait a few days, and get the desired tan without harming the body.

However, if an unforeseen situation has arisen in which it is urgently necessary to use the services of a solarium, then it is advisable to apply for this service at the time of the month when the allocation starts to decrease, on average after the third day. But for each girl these criteria are different, therefore it is necessary to act in connection with the situation.

Tips for bezlopastnogo tan during menstruation

To obtain a beautiful skin tone that does not bring harm to health, you should use the following tips:

  • When visiting a tanning salon, you should carefully assess your overall condition.

  • Be sure to use special creams that protect against the harmful effects of rays that may affect the body.
  • You can not too often expose the body overheating
  • It is necessary to take care of increasing the flow of fluid into the body, especially during the menstrual cycle.
  • When choosing hygiene items, it is necessary to pay attention to the ability of absorption and anti-allergic actions. When visiting a tanning bed hygiene products must be with a high degree of moisture absorption.
  • In the case when there are various diseases it is necessary to postpone visits to the salon, until full recovery.

Reviews about tanning in the solarium during menstruation:

In conclusion, it is necessary to draw several conclusions:

  1. To go to the solarium during menstruation is a dangerous procedure, which may be accompanied by negative consequences.
  2. When tanning with the help of ultraviolet rays, you should carefully follow all the rules of a safe tan.
  3. Before visiting the salon should assess the general state of health, use all the advice of experts for a beautiful and harmless tan.

Girls who want to get a good, beautiful and durable skin tone should be attentive to their health, otherwise diseases can occur that can have dangerous complications.

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The benefits and harms of tanning on critical days

Dosed intake of ultraviolet rays has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the body. Some common beneficial properties of tanning include:

  1. Increased resistance to infections.
  2. Stimulation of metabolic processes and blood circulation.
  3. Emotional background is getting better, mood is improving.
  4. The synthesis of vitamin D is activated.

About this vitamin started talking relatively recently, when scientists found out the mass of its useful properties. It contributes to the elimination of inflammation, absorption of calcium, getting rid of seasonal depression, strengthening the immune system. Two years ago, in the course of research, it was found that vitamin even affects the treatment of fungal infections of the vagina. Due to the increase in vitamin absorption of calcium, prevention of certain bone tissue pathologies is carried out.

But there are negative sides to staying during the period in the solarium:

  1. Увеличивается количество выделений в связи с усилением кровотока.
  2. The state of health suffers, because there is a risk of more rapid overheating of the body.
  3. Worsen over a number of gynecological diseases.
  4. Melanin production (a special pigment that controls the color of the skin) is reduced. For this reason, the darkening of the cover under the influence of UV will be slower, and instead of a chocolate shade, tanning in a tanning salon during menstruation is able to lay down with ugly spots.

The harmful effects of ultraviolet imprinted on the skin, causing premature aging. Collagen production is reduced, the amount of moisture in the skin is reduced due to evaporation. Therefore, it is so important to drink plenty of fluids in the days of a visit to the tanning salon, because moisture loss occurs with menstrual flow and then. Do not neglect special protective equipment. Excessive exposure to tanning beds can trigger the growth of abnormal cells, leading to oncology.

Is it possible to sunbathe during menstruation

Such a question should be asked only to the gynecologist. The answer will depend on the general condition of the body, the presence of gynecological problems. The incidence, especially of inflammatory pathologies, is only growing, so the gynecologist, after a detailed examination and examination, can confidently answer the question.

During heavy periods, which may be accompanied by cramping pains, it is better not to go to the solarium. Anamnesis of a woman is often burdened with gynecological pathologies, which during menstruation is a great risk. The body is considered to be weakened on critical days, therefore, under the influence of UV rays, inflammatory diseases tend to progress.

Is it possible to sunbathe in the solarium with menstruation?

A visit to a tanning salon is considered safer with menstruation than sunbathing in the sun. The specialist can control the duration of exposure to UV radiation, so the risk of overheating and getting burns is minimal. But during menstruation, the body overheats faster, it is impossible to predict the body's response to heat in advance.

Is it possible to sunbathe during the monthly sun?

Sunburn in the sun is not too different from artificial. In the sun, the risk of overheating and sunstroke is higher, especially at the peak of solar activity (12-16 hours of the day).

Being in direct sunlight stimulates the production of estrogen in women, and the amount of prolactin, on the contrary, decreases. With moderate exposure to the sun, this favorably affects the hormones, but tanning during menstruation is possible only in the absence of pathologies from the female reproductive system. For example, with endometriosis, sunbathing on the sun for a long time is prohibited not only during menstruation: the tumor depends on hormones, it is influenced by immune mechanisms. There are a number of female diseases in which tanning during monthly periods is contraindicated. Exceeding the time of sunbathing affects the immunity of women.

Safe Tanning Rules

In order to minimize the risk of complications after a procedure in a tanning salon, several rules must be followed:

  • if there is an opportunity, then in the first days of the cycle it is worth refusing tanning,
  • drink more fluids on the day of your visit to the tanning bed,
  • be sure to use protective equipment
  • at any deterioration of the procedure to interrupt.

It is undesirable to use tampons during tanning in a solarium with menstruation, it is preferable to make a choice in favor of gaskets. Due to the inserted tampon, blood begins to decompose directly into the vagina, and pathogenic bacteria grow and multiply rapidly. If tampons represent the only option, then it is better to introduce it before entering the tanning bed, and replace it immediately after the procedure.

Does tanning on monthly

A visit to the tanning salon undoubtedly has an effect on the flow of menstruation. The difference is that some women almost do not notice it, while others are forced to abandon the rays due to deterioration or existing diseases.

Why you can not sunbathe during menstruation in the solarium

Gynecologists still recommend to wait and if possible not to attend a tanning salon with menstruation, citing the following reasons:

  1. The amount of discharge during heating increases. This is most dangerous for women suffering from heavy periods. In the first 2 days, when the volume of discharge is large, a visit to the tanning salon can cause lower abdominal pain.
  2. During menstruation overheating of the body occurs faster. The body is already in a weakened state, menstruating women often notice headaches, nausea and weakness. All these symptoms may increase after going to the solarium.
  3. Pathology of the reproductive system under the influence of sunlight can sharpen.

Possible negative consequences

A woman may notice the occurrence of the following conditions that make themselves known both at the time of getting a tan and after it:

  • increase in the amount of discharge
  • deterioration of health: manifested as headache, nausea, sometimes to vomiting (due to overheating),
  • the appearance or intensification of lower abdominal pain,
  • uneven distribution of tan on the surface of the body.


To give an exact answer to the woman's question whether it is possible to go to the solarium during menstruation, only a gynecologist is capable of connecting other specialists if necessary. Complications occurring after a visit to the solarium, depend not only on the menstruation itself, but on the existing pathologies, hormonal disorders or poor health.