The probability of tampon getting stuck in the uterus, features of extraction


If you look at the statistics, only 42% of women with menstruation use tampons. The remaining 62% use gaskets, considering them a safer method of hygiene. But why are so many women afraid to use an internal hygiene product?

This is due to fears, especially for young girls who began to menstruate recently. Can a tampon go inside the uterus? And what is the risk that the thread breaks? Let's look at these questions to know for sure whether such a situation is possible.

Can a tampon get into the uterine cavity?

To put it bluntly, it is almost impossible. The fact is that the length of the vagina is on average 11-13 cm. The tampon does not go very deep into the uterus, given that the cervical canal expands during menstruation, but not so wide. Therefore, if the girl wears such means, then she should not worry about the lost hygiene product deep in the uterus.

However, there are special moments at which problems may still arise. In these cases, the hygiene product can get stuck in the vagina. Below are a few such cases.

  • Manufacturers closely monitor security measures. But if a girl complains that she cannot take it out, then she did not follow all the instructions. In rare cases, guilty manufacturers who have saved on raw materials or released marriage.
  • If a girl experiences pain when inserting or wearing a tampon, most likely she picked up the wrong size of a hygienic product, or removes it unfilled.
  • This hygiene product can get lost in the vagina, if the girl forgot about him (and there were such cases), and decided to insert another one. Thus, the first tampon will be lost, and the thread will not be available for extraction.

  • There is one more trivial reason for a stuck tampon. The woman simply forgot to take it out, and he began to decompose there. In this case, the girl is very difficult to extract it and she must go to the doctor.
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Signs of a tampon remaining inside the uterus

"I can not remember if I got it!?". This phrase can confuse a girl who has too many things to remember if she removed the tampon. This is especially applicable to the end of menstruation. That is, there is no longer any discomfort from menstruation, and you can simply forget to get the hygiene product. How to understand if the girl has forgotten the hygienic means inside, if it is impossible to grope a thread?

  1. Dryness. With a long stay inside it continues to absorb all the moisture. Hence the unpleasant sensations. If, nevertheless, such sensations are present, then do not panic, calm down and try to extract yourself.
  2. Smell. The discharge itself during menstruation smells unpleasant. What to say about the hygienic means, which is long inside. The unpleasant smell of decomposition of a tampon will surely make itself felt. If you can not get it, immediately run to the doctor, as this will violate the vaginal microflora.
  3. TSS - toxic shock syndrome. The tampon instructions have a whole column warning of the dangers of this phenomenon. If your blood pressure drops dramatically, your body temperature rises, your face turns red, do not even try to remember whether you got it or not, but call the ambulance right away. This syndrome can be fatal.

Even if you could get this tool, but it was in the vagina longer than necessary, still visit the gynecologist and take a smear on the microflora.

What if the tampon is still stuck?

So, you have determined by signs that he is still inside. What to do? Try to find a thread and pull it. This option will not work only in two cases:

  • You can not find a thread,
  • You pulled the string, and she pulled away.

Follow the following set of recommendations:

  • Make sure that the tampon is soaked enough, because it will be easier to get it.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly so as not to carry the bacteria into the vagina.
  • Sit down on your haunches. Even if there is no thread, in this way the tampon will advance to the exit.
  • Start pushing. So you strain your muscles, and the hygienic tool will begin to move.
  • If it doesn’t appear, try using your fingers to catch it. However, be careful with long nails.
  • If within 8 hours the tampon has not been removed, then contact the gynecologist to get him out with a tool. For the doctor it is not difficult.

Nevertheless, do not rely only on your own memory or sensations. It happens, the hygiene product just fell out when visiting the toilet, and the woman inconsolably trying to remove it. Or on the contrary, the woman feels fine and does not experience signs, and the hygiene product is inside. Therefore, with a share of the slightest doubt, go to the doctor. In any case, a visit to the gynecologist will not be superfluous.

How to prevent the tampon from entering the uterus?

It is better to prevent any situation than to correct the consequences. Try to follow a series of simple rules and you don’t have to remove hygiene products in an extreme way.

  • Follow the instructions clearly. Change every four hours. Do not overdo it so that pathogens do not develop.
  • Try to buy only proven firms of the manufacturer to avoid low-quality goods.
  • If you have a bad memory, and you do not remember whether you got it, then make notes on the phone.
  • Determine what degree of absorbency you need to purchase a tampon. Do not buy too thick funds in case of "what if." It is even recommended to take a little less drop by drop than necessary.
  • If you know that you will not have access to water when changing means, buy a product with an applicator.
  • If you feel that the condition has worsened after the introduction of the tampon - call an ambulance.

Anatomy of the genitals

The depth of the vagina is approximately 10-13 cm. The structure of the female genital organs is such that the tampon cannot go farther than this distance and disappear without a trace. During menstruation, the cervical canal located between the vagina and the uterus opens slightly. But even this will not allow the tool to penetrate the cervix.

Unable to insert a tampon into the urethra. His hole is too narrow for him. Therefore, he cannot get lost inside the body. In the production of modern vaginal products, the anatomy of the female genitals is taken into account in order to ensure their safe use during menstruation.

Some older women are wondering if a tampon can get into the uterus if it is lowered. In this case, there is a shift of the neck and bottom. This is due to the weakening of the uterine ligaments and pelvic floor muscles. At the initial stage of the disease is allowed to use tampons in the same way as in normal cases. They cannot get stuck in the uterus, as it has a very narrow neck.

Hygiene products should not exert pressure on the vagina, so when you lower the uterus, you should choose a special pressed columns and alternate them with gaskets. Do not recommend the use of intravaginal hygiene in the presence of pessaries or supporting rings, so as not to move them by accident.

Possible problems

There are cases when the rope breaks and the tampon remains in the vagina. This is the fault of the manufacturers who have unreliably fixed the thread. The instructions usually indicate that the lace can withstand a load of up to five kg. It is usually sewn firmly across the entire height of the extruded post. Cheap products are made of wool, their threads are weaker. Therefore, it is advised to put products from cellukokton that are more expensive.

It happens that a tampon is stuck for other reasons:

  • introduction of two hygiene products at once,
  • intercourse with a tampon,
  • long finding of a product in a vagina,
  • the introduction of unmelted thread,
  • vaginal dryness.

Sometimes a woman forgets about the presence of a tampon and inserts a second one, pushing the first one deep into the vagina. In this case, the lanyard may come off or be unavailable. It is difficult to pull it out, but with a certain skill it is quite realistic. In case of loss of the return cord, you should carefully check the genital area, perhaps the thread is wrapped or stuck to the labia.

On the Internet in various forums there is information that many girls forgot about the tampon and then could not get it out for a long time. This condition is fraught with negative consequences. Bacteria begin to multiply inside the vagina. This can lead to infection and toxic shock.

Anxiety symptoms also include:

  • pressure drop
  • high temperature
  • redness of the skin,
  • changing nature of discharge,
  • abdominal pain.

In this case, you should call an ambulance as soon as possible.

How to pull out

Almost always a woman is able to independently pull out a tampon, even if the thread is torn. In this situation, do the following:

  • wait 2-3 hours for the tampon to soak, and it can be easier to reach,
  • you need to thoroughly wash your hands so as not to carry the bacteria into the vagina,
  • before the procedure you need to relax and calm down. It should be carried out in a quiet and peaceful place,
  • if you squat down, the tampon will drop below. In this position to pull it more convenient. In this case, you need to press your knees to your chest and stomach,
  • then you need to strain the muscles, like during a bowel movement. Voltage helps push hygienic,
  • If the end of the column does not appear, you need to help your fingers. To do this, be sure to cut off long nails,
  • you need to grope the edge of a cotton pad or string, and then gently pull out a tampon,
  • If the product cannot be removed within 8 hours, you should immediately go to the doctor, who will easily remove it.

It is very important to relax when removing the remedy, since the vaginal walls tend to reflexively shrink. If the tampon is not removed due to the dryness of the vagina, you need to wait 2-3 hours until it is soaked, and only then pull the thread. Removing dry remedy is difficult and painful.

Rules and Tips

If the woman managed to remove the tampon by herself 5-8 hours after the injection, it is advised to treat the vagina with an antiseptic solution, and in case of unpleasant sensations in the genital area, consult a gynecologist. It is important to remember about other rules:

  • you need to buy only quality products from proven manufacturers,
  • It is important to choose the right absorbency
  • It is forbidden to use a tampon for more than 4-6 hours
  • hands must be washed before removing the product,
  • you need to gently insert and get a tampon, without any extra effort, you do not need to pull the cord with all your might,
  • do not use intravaginal agents for daily discharge,
  • you should not have sex without pulling out a hygienic,
  • recommend choosing products with an applicator that allows you to safely enter the product,
  • it is necessary to properly select the size of the hygienic product to prevent it from falling out or getting stuck.

With the right insertion, the return cord will always be outside. It has a sufficient length that allows you to remove the hygienic at any time. If the tampon seemed to go deep inside, you should pull a little by the string.

Thus, tampons cannot get stuck in the uterus or get lost there. With a little effort, the cotton thread will come out by itself, even if it has been injected very deeply. It should properly select the product and not provoke a situation in which it can get stuck in the vagina.

Using tampons allows you to run, swim, dance during menstruation, they do not leak and keep an unpleasant smell. No wonder millions of girls around the world prefer to use them. The main thing is to pay attention to the instructions to the product, to apply it correctly and to observe intimate hygiene.

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literally a week ago this happened to me. I forgot the tampon, then I shoved another one, there was no discomfort. There was no talk of the fact that it swells there. Went worried about the smell, pulled out and Miramistin was appointed. By the way, they were engaged in sex. Nobody felt anything.

Eklmn..I am not the only one. so what are the consequences after visiting the doctor.

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Girls, help! I also do not remember if I pulled it out or not! It has been 4 days already. Looked (forgive me for being frank) I climbed there, I didn’t find anything. The secretions are ordinary, odorless. Could it be that the tampon remained there, and you do not feel it and neither the smell, nor the suspicious discharge?

With me the same thing. But do not look for a search, but run to the doctor.

I always thought that how can you forget about the tampon. And then I put a special tampon with butter and pushed it deeper and forgot and had to work out with sex two or three times, I see some kind of festering smell. I went for a swab today, and I have a tampon there. We got it. Nothing hurted, pulled out and unpleasant feelings are now. Miramistin has processed. I hope everything will pass. Hexion candles can still buy in the evening.

How to wash a tampon from the vagina if it is absorbed

I always thought that it was impossible to have sex with a tampon, my friends told me, and I thought like that, because it hurts to insert it then it is not ice. not to mention that sex with him.
And then a terrible smell, pain in the lower abdomen, I decided to investigate myself, what was inflamed in my vagina, thrust my finger. Oh my God! I have a loose cervix! - I thought, looking well, felt my darling neck in a normal state, but the hairy piece next to, made me produce the most terrible thoughts, somehow I pull out a tampon 5 days old.
It turns out that you can also engage in sex with a tampon, and not feel it in yourself for some time.
The fact is that I was going to get depilated, my period was almost over, and put the tampon together with the cord, so as not to interfere, well, and accordingly my leaky head completely forgot about the contents of my vagina, and yesterday is a surprise - smelly tampon, I fall asleep from shock I could not, I called the gynecologist, said metronidazole to drink or doxycycline 1 tabl 2 times a day, and I’m also sending me to the reception, I will write off the results

She was at the gynecologist, took a smear, twisted her temple, neighing and prescribed candles restoring the flora (acylact), well, plus antibiotics (wrote above), advised to wait 3-4 days for sex life. In general, I will live)))))

Please advise! Today I inserted a tampon, I was in a hurry and didn’t print it out completely, that is, the tip remained in the film, pulled out the tampon, but the film remained there, I’m really worried, help

Ira, syringe could try

Mega girls have the same situation. I don’t remember if I pulled out the tampon and had sex afterwards. and I do not know there or not. could he go to the womb?

Yes, I never thought that tampons are such an insidious thing.
Yesterday, too, the rope came off, I panicked, I tried to get it - and he got even deeper from it .. I went straight to the gynecologist, got it, but tortured pretty. Then all evening a sedative saw. Now only gaskets !! Because no 5 kg of this rope can not withstand. And I do not want to repeat this again.

ANY, under no circumstances will the swab go into the uterus, a small hole in the cervix is ​​no more than a match head, do not be lazy, open in the internet the anatomy of the female genital organs)))

ANY, under no circumstances will the swab go into the uterus, a small hole in the cervix is ​​no more than a match head, do not be lazy, open in the internet the anatomy of the female genital organs)))

Horror! With me 1 time is! Monthly 1 day began, inserted a tampon, went to the young man - decided to wash before sex, pulled out a tampon, washed away, and apparently inserted another, probably by inertia. although I was not going to do this, as we begin to make love. And that's what surprised me - not a bit of blood on me or on his sexual organ))) Well, I think I’m telling you with a joke - you probably pushed my menstrual periods back. Well, I mean inserted a tampon - waiting. a day or two or three. I change tampons - they are clean. Well, I scored on this topic, well, I think, what kind of monthly good work - half a day - and left. but then zhuuuuuuuuuut. The smell began, I do not understand. Laziyu on an Internet, well, I think, than that infected, I diagnose myself with diagnoses. OOOOOO. Another *** decided that I have intestinal cancer, and in this from there, through the vagina goes. discharge brown, generally panic. I am already roaring, ashamed to go to the doctor even with such a stench. I went to the toilet today, well, you can see "something" Tampon pushed, I felt, hand in there - and here it is. and disgusting - horror. And damn I live in the country now, at home repair, what to do, how to be - without a clue. but the stomach does not hurt, everything seems to be normal.

Polina, acylact suppositories 2 times a day, and metronidazole 2 times a day, will not be worse, but the flora must be restored

the tampon was hammered inside (no way to get it) what to do? the stench goes, I check it with my finger already far. your period will end soon. tampon so far than me there to get a stick or something ?? I even asked a friend, she told me to go to a gynecologist))) but I’m afraid, ashamed)) with such a stench.

Anya, nothing shame about that. Believe me, gynecologists have not seen this in their practice yet !! Understand that the longer you go with him, the worse it can be. Я сразу же поехала к врачу, когда только веревочка отвалилась, при этом не просто к гинекологу а в роддом. И ничего, врач приняла, все сделала за небольшое вознаграждение и никто не смеялся. Не бойтесь и идите к врачу.

хорошо я думаю всё будет нормально) обязательно схожу к гинекологу)

у меня такая же проблема. что будет делать гинеколог? боюсь. since childhood I have a fear for doctors.

A gynecologist using a mirror with tweezers will get it. You will feel almost nothing except the mirror itself.

A week ago I went to the young man in the apartment. I came, I went to the toilet, I think: I will take out a tampon, then I will insert a new one again. I went to the toilet I can not get the old one. and he lies in me for a day. I went to the bath and asked Maxim: "Is there tweezers and something like that?" he said eat tweezers small. Maxim has no repair at home yet. I stood, the tampon was stuck. called Maxim, he was trying to help me. but nothing came of it. still have a tampon in me, stink too. I'm afraid to the gynecologist, what will he tell me? and that stink. stayed overnight with Maxim. I sleep, I feel that something like that stomach hurts .. can not a tampon go into the uterus? but I'm afraid.

I can't understand one thing - is it really less scary to walk with neyuyantno than inside you, than to go to a gynecologist. Why tolerate it, because it will not resolve there, and it will not come out through some other hole. You just get it in the hospital and that's it. What is there to be afraid of. As soon as this happened, I was at home with my husband's parents. I freaked out, immediately to my mother-in-law, they put me in the car and in the nearest hospital. There the first on-duty doctor (it was already about nine in the evening) accepted me. Girls, do not be stupid, go to the doctor. Going to the boys in the apartment and there you are not afraid to sleep, and to the doctor with the usual problem - scary. Are you in front of the MCH is not ashamed to lie next to him with such a stench.

went to the gynecologist everything went well. thank)

Girls, this happened to me too, And what is the best medicine to use? Candles Atsilakt and metronidazole (tablets or candles)?

And can they be used during menstruation?

hello to everyone, I also came across this. every half a year I see a gynecologist standing by a spral. Here, too, today I complained about the odor of strange secretions and the doctor looked and said I know why. shows a tampon. said inflammation of pus. prescribed candles.

the tampon stayed in a dream for 16 days. advise what to do now. it is dangerous? what could be?

girls tell me, I forgot to pull the tampon in me was 2 weeks, pulled herself. horror. what medicine is better to use for prevention.

girls tell me, I forgot to pull the tampon in me was 2 weeks, pulled herself. horror. what medicine is better to use for prevention.

damn, I read and am terrified. I never thought what would happen to me, but I pulled a tampon out of me in the morning today, he stinked there for a week! ashamed to go, I woke up I decided to check it myself, put my finger in my throat. picking up for half an hour, but got, terrible spectacle, by the way my temperature was when he was in me. I thought I had a cold. ((
I do not know if you should go to the doctor now or not. there may be consequences.

scored in a search engine, what to do on a drunken head. I'm shocked! I didn’t have such situations, but I think having sex on the "drunken bench" in mesages is not the best option.

Thank you for the topic of the whole office lying around the table. ))))))))))))

Hello everybody! More recently, about 2 weeks ago, I started using tampons. I read everything carefully, learned how to insert, before buying on the Internet, I sat for days reading how to do it at all, insert, like that. When I bought, I ran home, read the instructions for about 15 minutes, everything was slow and attentive. Turned on the laptop, quickly went to the site where I read all the time, read everything, and got down to business. Everything went fine, how I stopped the tampon and I felt comfortable, I realized that I inserted it correctly and went to the store with my beloved for a new shirt. But when I came home and started changing, it was not there: the thread broke! She didn’t even go "there", but broke off! I was surprised how she could break off at all, everything seemed to be fine. The thread lay quietly in my panties, and I was at a loss. She found her assistant again, a laptop, opened the Internet and quickly put in a search for "stuck tampon what to do." Opened the very first, and as always it was my favorite site. I read that I had to go to the gynecologist URGENTLY, quickly got ready, told my lover that I would go to the gynecologist on an important issue, and went. The gynecologist was kind, I said that I use the tampons on the first day, and on the first day it is. She pulled out a tampon for me, and I went home. So do not be afraid to go to the gynecologist, even if you have it strict. All the same, do not eat)))))))))

girls! firstly. thanks to the author for the topic! just the same happened. The situation is almost the same as everyone else had monthly, put in a tampon, decided to do love with the martyr. I say, like wait, dear “But I don’t have it any more !!” I don’t find it and that's it! I decided that I forgot to insert it — I recently got out of the shower! But I thought I was inserting it. They started having sex, there was no unpleasant feeling, everything was normal! Then I inserted tampons and took them out almost clean! I was surprised, of course! I use tampons for a long time and no problems. But today the bad smell began (and and brown secretions! Now I understand that these factors are a sure sign that the tampon was inside. And before that I tried to grope for it and take it out - BUT I DON'T FEEL! It seems he was too far. Everything, I think, we must go tomorrow to the gynecologist! the smell and discharge is serious, you never know. But in the evening he went and in the hot bath with sea salt-all washed-but I feel the smell is all the same !! Some force pulled me to check the tampon-although my period is already 4 days after I finished. I feel something hard and fibrous! I think, well, well I couldn’t take it out, who took it out would understand. It’s awful, of course I’m feeling myself! and the fear and doubts and joy that I pulled out myself, and not go to the doctor there, if I was taken out of this, I would be sooooo much ashamed. therefore, advice! girls who cannot pull him out, or doubts if he is still in you! take a relaxing, mainly hot bath! she will relax the muscles of the vagina and it will be easier to pull out the tampon! I have been using tampons for 10 years or so for the first time) well, at least I found it)))) good luck to you all and love

Good day! Please help me, before the menstruation the stomach is very bad, even the unbearably sore stomach, I sit on the pain-absorbing ones. Even when I use tampons, the sexual organ and lower abdomen also hurts wildly ... what to do?

she drunk forgot to pull out. I was in me for two days. I began to pull out only because I was a little sore, and it was dry in the vagina. Now I suffer with cystitis. I cannot get up. In the morning I take pills and candles for infections (((((

Today I went to the toilet, and a tampon came out of me! counted, when I had my last monthly periods, it turns out that he had lain in me for more than 2 weeks! there was a smell, she was going to go to the gynecologist. there was no pain. what a nightmare! and after all I had such an acquaintance, I still laughed at her (((it turns out that everyone happens on Monday at a gallop to the gynecologist!

I've also panicked. After the bath, she inserted a new tampon mechanically, then before leaving the house she went to the toilet. And there is no rope, I think it means I didn’t put in a new tampon. I looked for another rope - not her. Well, I think it means definitely not, put in a new one. And then I began to think, and I think it seems that I put a new one after the bath. So it turns out that I put them in 2 pieces. Generally, tormented by doubts. The same evening, pulled out a tampon. And everything was in doubt. I tried to check with my finger, there is nothing. I decided to go to the doctor. Then read here on the site, someone advised to squat down and tug. In general, I think the last attempt and to the doctor. And to my great surprise, the tampon of yesterday came out. My God, I never thought that this could be done at all. So my advice is to be more vigilant when putting on tampons. Good luck

Good day! Please help me, before the menstruation the stomach is very bad, even the unbearably sore stomach, I sit on the pain-absorbing ones. Even when I use tampons, the sexual organ and lower abdomen also hurts wildly ... what to do?

Urgently remove the genital and the pain will pass)))

the same situation, one to one, I'm shocked by myself! Well shed about the smell, pulled out.

After a two-week stay with tampax, I have been suffering for half a year with a golden stafil. Also on the body and face acne-boils treated