Why it is impossible to increase eyelashes during menstruation


Daily skin care and beautiful makeup are indispensable attributes of a modern woman's life. Despite the wide selection of decorative cosmetics, many women choose a number of interesting solutions that allow you to look great while maintaining the freshness and well-being of everyday makeup. Such solutions include eyelash extensions, the results of which emphasize the expressiveness and beauty of female eyes.

The content of the article:

How efficiently and effectively eyelash extensions will be performed depends not only on the skill of the beautician, but also on the client's well-being, which on certain days of the month depends on natural physiological reasons. Is it possible to perform eyelash extensions during menstruation and how this may affect the result is not an idle question. It is advisable to clarify the situation. Further in the article in detail about why you can not build eyelashes during menstruation, and when it can be done during the critical days.

The essence of the procedure for eyelash extensions, features

Beauty salons are full of advertising services offered. Having decided to expand eyelashes, you need to choose a master who has the qualifications of a professional cosmetologist, because the incorrect actions of the master can negatively affect the state of vision and the eye as a whole. In the salon, clients are offered to choose the length, thickness and bending of the eyelashes, which will be increased. Technique of the eyelash extension procedure is quite laborious and laborious. Its essence lies in fixing on the client's own eyelashes neat hairs of artificial or natural materials using a special hypoallergenic adhesive base.

Preference is given to natural materials made from mink or sable hair. These eyelashes look natural, do not irritate the delicate skin around the eyes. The duration of the procedure varies from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of execution, when the eyelashes grow in the form of tufts or each separately, giving more volume. The skill of the beautician should not cause doubts, and the result should look perfectly natural, while maintaining up to 3-4 weeks.

If necessary, over time, perform correction, because natural eyelashes fall out, replacing with new ones. Eyelash extension is a safe and painless cosmetic procedure. At what time it is better to spend it, whether there is a list of contraindications for its implementation, and how the patient's condition may affect the result, these questions concern many. Therefore, information about this would be useful.

The list of contraindications when you can not do eyelash extensions?

Is the eyelash extension procedure so harmless? Masters of beauty salons assure customers of the absolute safety of its implementation, but every woman should take into account their individual characteristics. What seems like a lot may not suit a particular woman. Why it is impossible to increase eyelashes during menstruation, contraindications for menstruation:

1 for any ocular pathologies, including inflammatory and allergic,

2 with excessive sensitivity of the skin around the eyes,

3 when identifying intolerance of individual components used by the master (hairs and glue),

4 in the presence of chronic internal diseases, for example, diabetes, as well as during colds and viral ailments.

To make sure that the use of glue does not cause a violent allergic reaction, which can damage the eyes and skin around them, it is necessary to carry out an allergy test in advance, dripping a little glue on the elbow bend. If there is no irritation, redness and itching, you can trust the master. You should know that when chronically occurring pathological metabolic processes in the body, for example, diabetes, the result may not please. The fact is that weakened eyelashes will withstand badly the pressure of the bulge and fall out quickly.

Wearing contact lenses with eyelash extensions is also not very comfortable. There are no direct contraindications to eyelash extensions during menstruation, but the cyclical hormonal changes in the body of each woman that occur during this period can significantly weaken the body. Therefore, the result of eyelash extension may be far from expected. Is it worth it to neglect or postpone the implementation of the procedure, you need to decide every woman on their own. And for this you need to have full information, both about the beauty salon, its masters and the methods used, and about your own state of health.

Is it possible to increase eyelashes during menstruation, which can happen

Many women generally do not consider the period of critical days as something that prevents the implementation of cosmetic procedures. And it is in vain, although it is difficult to track the direct dependence here, indirectly it still exists. Therefore, if a woman doubts whether it is necessary to postpone a session on eyelash extension for the time of menstruation, you need to listen to the opinion of not salon, but medical specialists. And they recommend to postpone this event. Why so?

The reason for this is the change in hormonal levels during the period of critical days, which affects many processes in the body, including the effect on the structure and fragility of eyelashes. If you carry out the procedure before the beginning of the month, you may experience the following problems:

1 the occurrence of an unexpected allergic reaction to the composition of the adhesive base,

2 increased fragility of the eyelashes and weakness of the ciliary bulbs,

3 acceleration of the natural process of loss of eyelashes, which will lead to the absence of the desired result - the extended eyelashes can last no longer than 1 week.

Directly, doctors do not prohibit eyelash extensions on the eve and during menstruation, but every woman should independently assess the feasibility of the procedure at this point, and relate the level of all risks.

Can there be negative effects from eyelash extensions

Any interference with natural processes may have undesirable consequences. Many cosmetic procedures do not constitute an exception; therefore, some of them are carried out only after carefully reading the results of the client's health tests.

It is quite safe from the point of view of women, the procedure for eyelash extension may also not bring the desired result, when there was hope to get beautiful eyes in a halo of fluffy, silky and voluminous eyelashes. The client may be disappointed with the following consequences:

1 The effect of eyelash extensions is held at all at the wrong time as promised by the beautician, but much shorter. Just a week after the procedure, some women begin to notice a significant thinning of their eyelashes. In such a case, you can resort to correction, but it is better not to do it with a more professional master, who uses proven and reliable materials and adhesive base.

2 The appearance of itching and discomfort in the eyelids, especially after washing, when water gets into the eyes. This may be an allergic reaction to the hair extensions or the composition of the adhesive, due to the increased sensitivity of the eyelid skin or the very poor quality of the materials used in the salon.

3 Increased fragility of natural eyelashes, when they quickly begin to break and crumble. This may be due both to the weakness of the ciliary bulbs due to a decrease in the body's immunity under different conditions, and to the low qualifications of the master, who picked up the material for extension that does not match the natural characteristics of the client, which led to a strong weighting of the eyelashes.

4 The appearance of a constant feeling of discomfort and the presence of a foreign body in the eyelid. This is especially true for women who first resort to this kind of improvement in their appearance. Some quickly get used to the changes and after 2-3 days they are not noticed. And others do not cope with the constant feeling of heaviness in the ages, and do not agree to a correction.

With regard to the procedure during menstruation, at this time the risk of undesirable consequences increases. The process of eyelash renewal takes, on average, from 1 to 1.5 months, but the additional load on the eyelashes, provided by the buildup during the period of hormonal changes, can speed it up. As a result, during the period of menstruation, they will inevitably break, which will lead to the loss of not only the extensions, but also their own eyelashes. In such situations, a woman needs to find a way out, how to quickly restore eyelashes and it takes time. On the beautiful eyes will have to forget.

The effect of special creams, oils applied to the eyelid area and the use of vitamin-mineral complexes will help bring the state of the eyelashes to its former form. Therefore, it is better not to risk and postpone the session with a beautician for another time.

What experts say

Even an experienced qualified cosmetologist will not be able to perform a set of necessary procedures with a full-fledged result if a woman feels unwell or is generally unwell. In vain spent money and lost time are not the biggest problems, but when it comes to health problems, this is a different matter. If the master does not make sure that the client does not have allergic reactions, and without tests uses new materials, then the client risks facing the problems of prolonged redness and swelling of the eyelids. There is no place for wide open eyelashes.

Many women do not see any connection between their well-being and the schedule of cosmetic procedures, as expressed in social networks. But it is important to remember that each organism is individual, therefore in case of indisposition caused by PMS, during menstruation, during pregnancy and lactation, as well as during the course of hormonal therapy, it is advisable to refrain from visiting the cosmetologist. With a good state of health, you can safely use the services of salons, bringing to perfection your appearance along with professionals.

Eyelash extension procedure

This cosmetic surgery can be performed only by a specialist who has knowledge in the field of cosmetology. And it is not just like that. The cilia are located directly beside the eyes, and any abnormal movement can damage the vision.

Beauticians use natural hairs of animals such as sable, ferret, or mink to grow. They are connected with the eyelashes of the girl with the help of a special glue that does not harm the eyes. With proper performance of the procedure after eyelash extension, the woman’s eyes will become much more expressive and more beautiful. Cilia will look shiny, silky and long.

Due to the natural materials for building up and maximum similarity with human eyelashes, they do not cause irritation and do not harm the skin.

The procedure takes from an hour to three, depending on the degree of complexity of the work. Just imagine - the beautician needs to fix 100-130 tiny hairs on each eye. And to do everything so perfectly so that no one even doubts that these are not quite true eyelashes.

With proper performance of all works, the result lasts 3-5 weeks. After that, the girl needs to visit the beautician for a small correction. In addition, you should follow the rules of face care: you can not rub your eyes, sleep face down, pull out eyelashes.

The extension procedure is absolutely safe and painless, but is it possible to make eyelashes during menstruation? The opinions of the masters differ, and we will try to figure out how to act the girl.

Contraindications to the procedure

This newfangled cosmetic procedure has certain contraindications. And they should be taken into account by every woman.

  • Intolerance of some components. It is very difficult to understand how the skin will react to animal hair or glue. To maximize yourself, you need to check with the master, the hairs of any animals he uses. You can also apply a bit of glue on the skin of your hand and see if there is any redness.
  • Eye sensitivity. In this case, it is better to refrain from the procedure.
  • Various diseases of the eye. Inflammatory processes preclude the use of any cosmetics. Carrying out the procedure with an untreated illness will complicate it and can lead to serious consequences. In addition, it is better to eliminate the buildup during a cold, any viral diseases.
  • Diabetes. Pathologies associated with impaired metabolism, lead to changes in the human body. If you nevertheless agreed to a buildup, it may not have the beautiful effect that you expected. Weak own eyelashes fall out under great pressure, and along with them and extended.

The question remains whether it is possible to increase eyelashes during menstruation. Critical days and wearing contact lenses are relative indications for building. And each woman decides for herself whether she should risk in periods when the body is weakened and undergoes hormonal changes.

Should I increase the eyelashes during menstruation

Yes, one might think: what have all the critical days to do here? Many girls declare that they do not pay attention to this factor and do not see the relationship.

In fact, if you are interested in the question of whether it is possible to increase the cilia before the menstruation, we reply that in this case it is necessary to increase the eyelashes with extreme caution. Some experts say that during critical days and even ovulation, it is better to refrain from cosmetic procedures. Why is that?

The main reason is hormonal failure. It can lead to various diseases that affect the fragility of cilia and their structure. Somewhere 10 days before the start of critical days in the girl's body, everything starts to be rearranged, and a surge in hormones affects the metabolism and function of the internal organs. Then when building can be the following problems:

  • An unexpected allergic reaction to hair or glue.
  • High fragility of their cilia, which simply can fall out.
  • Short duration of effect - the extended eyelashes will fall out within a week.

Of course, it is impossible to unambiguously prohibit this procedure. But no one is immune from problems, so every girl should take into account the degree of risk.

The effects of buildup

Any cosmetic procedure may be associated with some risks. And they should be familiar with before visiting the master. Even a completely healthy woman after a harmless build-up can face a number of difficulties.

The most frequent consequences are:

  • The short effect of the “piercing” look - for some women, even well-applied hairs begin to fall out a few days after the procedure. In this case, you should carry out the correction more often and select better quality glue and other materials.
  • Allergy to the composition of the adhesive. Most often, the risk arises in the case of the enormous sensitivity of the eyes, as well as the use of cheap materials.
  • The fracture of these cilia. If the procedure was performed incorrectly, the cilia of the woman may break.
  • Unpleasant sensations. Some girls say that after eyelash extensions they become heavier and cause discomfort.

Eyelash extensions with menstruation can have even more effects. As you know, cilia are updated in 1.5-2 months, but after applying artificial natural eyelashes begin to fall out at double speed. During menstruation, they also become brittle, so they can simply crumble.

As a result, not a single natural lashes will remain in front of our eyes, which will be very noticeable. To improve the situation, a woman will have to drink vitamins and use special creams. As you can see, if you increase the eyelashes during hormonal disruptions or with a broken technique, you can hurt yourself, and the consequences will have to be removed for a long time.

Opinion of masters

Experienced cosmetologists say that you should not limit yourself. Both the extension and lamination of the eyelashes during menstruation is possible if the girl is completely healthy and has no allergies. But the result depends on the experience and skill of the specialist, as well as compliance with all recommendations by the client.

Of course, the masters say that there may be adverse effects after increasing during menstruation. Thus, artificial materials affect brittle cilia, and therefore they will actively fall out, forming a bald spot. But a full update will come in two months.

It is noted that those who increased eyelashes during menstruation, leave good reviews. The girls say that for a very long time a beautiful expressive look remains, they save time on make-up and do not use mascara.

Many women also share on the forums the opinion that there is the possibility of self-selection of the length of eyelashes to create a natural, puppet look, or a butterfly.

If you are still afraid, experts recommend that the procedure for eyelash extensions be only a competent master. Во время недомоганий при менструации, ПМС, беременности, приема гормональных контрацептивов, кормления грудью лучше немножко подождать.

When you are completely healthy and feel great, easily agree to the procedure. She will allow you to look more beautiful and spectacular.

You can not give a definite answer on whether it is possible to increase the lashes during menstruation. It all depends on individual factors, among which the state of hormonal levels, general well-being and the presence of allergies are especially important. If you want the effect of the build-up to be long and of high quality, you should follow the recommendations of your cosmetologists.

Restrictions during the procedure

Before deciding on the procedure, it is necessary to visit the wizard's consultation, which will explain whether it is possible to increase the cilia during menstruation.

The eyelash extension procedure has the following main contraindications:

  1. Allergic reaction to materials. Unfortunately, it is impossible to accurately determine the presence of allergy before the procedure. As a rule, its manifestation begins after the build-up. In order to reduce the likelihood of developing inflammation, it is recommended to ask the specialist about the composition of glue and eyelashes.
  2. Conjunctivitis development. Acute inflammatory process imposes a ban not only on the procedure of building, but also on the use of cosmetics. This is due to the fact that the use of cosmetics can harm the natural eyelashes or provoke their loss.
  3. The presence of diabetes. This disease leads to impaired metabolic processes, resulting in many changes in the female body. One of them is the rejection of glue, as a result of which artificial cilia will fall out within a few days.
  4. Artificial eyelashes have a negative effect on natural eyelashes - they make them thin and weak. Therefore, the procedure is prohibited for those women who have problematic eyelashes.
  5. The presence of contact lenses. In contact with the root of extended cilia, the lenses create an uncomfortable feeling.

In addition, there are relative contraindications to the procedure:

  1. It is not recommended to increase the lashes during menstruation. Critical days are characterized by changes in hormonal levels, which explains the unpredictable reaction of the body to cosmetic procedures.
  2. Building cilia should not be carried out before, and after tanning. Ultraviolet can significantly affect the properties of the adhesive.
  3. Another contraindication is lamination lashes.

There are a lot of contraindications to the procedure, but most girls decide on eyelash extensions.

What to follow after the procedure

After building up the cilia it is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations of a specialist. In order for eyelashes to maintain a beautiful and well-groomed appearance, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  • during the day after the procedure it is forbidden to wash the eyes and also to visit places of high humidity - steam room, sauna,
  • It is not recommended to wipe your eyes with special tonics. Skin fat should be removed directly from the eyelid, and the eyelash growth line should be thoroughly washed with water,
  • waterproof mascara is not allowed because it can cause damage to the artificial material,
  • It is equally important to sleep in the correct position - lying on your side or on your back.

As a rule, care for extended cilia is limited to their daily brushing using a special brush. Carrying out simple manipulations, it is important not to overdo it - the movements should be light.

Possible consequences

After reviewing why you can not increase the eyelashes during menstruation, it is necessary to study the possible consequences of the procedure:

  1. Allergic reaction to glue. As a rule, it manifests itself as a result of poor-quality material composition.
  2. Damage to your own eyelashes occurs when improper building techniques, or when you try to remove artificial material on your own.
  3. Short-term effect of glue due to hormonal adjustment.

Menstruation is not a strict ban for the procedure. It can significantly impair the effect of the build-up.

So is it possible to increase eyelashes on critical days or not?

Experienced cosmetologists believe that you can hold eyelash extensions during menstruation. The result of the work done depends on the quality of the material, the professional level of the master, as well as the implementation of all recommendations by the client.

The adverse effect of critical days is possible in case of hormonal imbalance. Cilia fully updated in two months. Under the influence of artificial materials, they can fall out faster, creating a high place on the eyelid.

Most girls are satisfied after eyelash extensions. The main advantages of the procedure are:

  • beautiful expressive look 24 hours a day,
  • saving time spent on make-up as well as cash
  • the ability to independently choose the cilia to create a puppet, squirrel or natural look.

Each girl independently makes the decision on whether it is worth carrying out procedure with critical days or not.

In order to make the right decision, it is recommended to read the reviews of those who increased cilia during the menstrual period.

Antonina, 24 years old

I had a desire to grow cilia a very long time ago, but I didn’t decide everything. I read a lot of information on the Internet and magazines, studied all the contraindications and consequences. The hardest thing was to find an experienced master. Having come to the procedure, I felt that critical days had begun, although I only waited for them in a week. I was confused, but decided not to leave, but to consult with a specialist. The master immediately reassured me, after which we began to build up. The procedure was more than successful, the beautiful effect lasted for almost a month. I was pleased.

Alexandra, 27 years old

I grow cilia for two years. Sometimes it was necessary to attend the procedure with menstruation, but it did not affect the process itself, or the result. Having little experience in this matter, I will say that a good result will be achieved when using high-quality material. If the master works with cheap material, an allergic reaction will begin.

Cilia extensions coincided with critical days, but I decided not to cancel the cosmetic procedure. Unfortunately, the effect of building I was not satisfied. Almost all cilia were peeled off a few days after the procedure. The master explained this by the fact that hormonal changes took place in the body, which caused the glue to be rejected.

How to increase eyelashes with contact lenses

Experts recommend that before the procedure, remove contact lenses, wear only after a day. The situation is associated with an increased load on the eyelid. After the woman has increased eyelashes, time for their strengthening is required. To insert the lens, you need to raise the eyelid, which can lead to breakage of cilia. To avoid this situation, some girls prefer not to remove the lenses during the procedure.

Review Svetlana:

“Increased eyelashes. The result is awesome. Could not stop looking. A day later, tried to insert the lens. Unusual thickness and length of steel eyelashes on the barrier. On the fifth attempt succeeded. But several cilia broke off immediately. The view deteriorated during the week. ”

Cilia Result during Menstruation

Due to the natural processes in the female body cilia are constantly updated. The former falls in 1.5–2 months. After the imposition of artificial increases the severity, and with it the process of precipitation accelerates. New cilia grow as before, but the lack of fallen becomes very noticeable. Hormonal background in the second half of the cycle changes the course of natural processes. Cilia do not just fall out, and showered. The eye can remain completely without them.

To restore the previous condition, you should drink vitamins, use special creams, ointments. The result with beautiful cilia will last no more than 1 week, it will take no month to eliminate the consequences. Contraindication is relative, since each organism is an individual system. It may turn out differently when the effect after the build-up lasts a set period. Experts note that it is not recommended to build in the case of:

  • menses,
  • PMS,
  • taking hormonal contraceptives,
  • pregnancy
  • breast feeding
  • with hormonal failure of a different nature.

Lily's feedback:

“Before the wedding, there was a hormonal failure, most likely from excitement. Menstruation came late, while the extension of the cilia was prescribed. The master warned me about the possible consequences, but I took the risk. After 3 days at the wedding I was beautiful. And the very next day cilia began to pour. Less than a week. As a result, restored about a month. But it's good that everything happened after the wedding. If the day before, I do not know what I was doing. It follows from this - it is impossible, therefore it is impossible! ”

Recommendations for prolonging the effect

Immediately after building up, some moments in the life of a woman change. If you follow the recommendations of experts, the effect will last about a month:

  • during the day you can not wash your eyes,

  • less to touch the eyelids,
  • should be painted 4 days before the extension, otherwise the paint may not take,
  • You can not use decorative waterproof cosmetics for the eyes, you can use mascara, which is quickly washed off with warm water,
  • don't sleep on your stomach
  • within 2 days you can not visit the bath, solarium, sauna.

During the procedure, it is allowed to sleep, as it all takes about 3 hours. It is not recommended to talk. It should be combed with a special brush, but not too often. In the morning, in the evening. Trust the guidance of beauty should be an experienced specialist. If you do everything in a hurry, stick a bunch to one eyelash at once, the probability and speed of falling away increases several times. Cosmetic makeup removers should not contain an oily base, they all weaken the glue. Better to use on water. Or wash the usual warm water.

The optimal length of artificial hairs should be 1.5 times longer than natural ones. Failure to comply with this rule leads to a fallout. Damage to the hair follicles. To remove completely artificial hairs, you should again seek help from the master. In his arsenal there is a substance that quickly dissolves glue.

Causes of menstrual disorders

There are many different factors that affect the occurrence of various deviations in the established menstrual cycle:

  • natural changes in the level of hormones in the female body (pregnancy, feeding, the beginning of the climatic period, etc.),
  • the presence of dangerous gynecological diseases,
  • period after an abortion or a natural, involuntary termination of pregnancy,
  • contraceptive or hormonal use, as well as emergency contraceptives,
  • the use of pharmacological drugs that interfere with the correct blood clotting process and adversely affect a healthy human body,
  • lack of vitamins of group B, K, C,
  • frequent psychological shocks, stress and depression.

In many cases, dangerous gynecological diseases can occur without a trace, and their only symptom is a periodic delay of menstruation. That is why qualified specialists say that each woman should visit a gynecologist at least twice a year.

If you do not adhere to this advice of doctors, then soon the disease can provoke the development of unpleasant complications, which, first of all, affect the reproductive function of the lady and deprive her of the possibility of having children in the future.

Caution measures

It is believed that menstruation is closely associated with endometriosis. Therefore, at the time of natural bleeding from the vagina, you should completely protect yourself, eliminating the practice of various sports and sexual relationships. Such prohibitions are explained by the fact that on critical days, secretory secretions and pieces of the endometrium can fall into the peritoneal cavity and, thus, provoke the development of inflammatory processes near the organs and soft tissues present. Endometriosis affects the following organs:

  • ovaries
  • womb,
  • fallopian tubes,
  • cervix,
  • vagina,
  • crotch.

Not all women are exposed to this pathology, but when having sex and excessive physical exertion, the chance of its occurrence significantly increases.

In addition to the above prohibitions, during the regulation period, you should refuse to take baths and bathing in reservoirs, as the risk of introducing dangerous infections increases. It is also forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and spicy food - they contribute to an intensive rush of blood to the peritoneum, as a result of which uterine bleeding becomes more intense.

Calculating your menstrual cycle

By measuring the temperature of the body, you can easily and accurately determine the individual control cycle. From the very beginning of the month, a female representative needs to measure her body temperature daily. If the pointer of the thermometer fluctuates around 37 degrees, and after a day falls to the mark of 36.6 - this is indicated as the beginning of the menstrual period. After the expiration of one more day, the thermometer stops at 37.5 and stays on it until the very beginning of the critical days. If a woman becomes pregnant - the body temperature varies at high elevations as well as in the middle of the menstrual cycle. If during the calendar month the thermometer did not rise a single degree, then the risk of conceiving a child is minimal.

Hygiene rules

Secretory discharge from the vagina is considered an excellent habitat for the reproduction of negative microorganisms. Therefore, the girl, in the period of regulation, should carefully worry about their health and about the correctness of hygienic measures.

It is necessary to take a shower no less than three times a day, but it is worth remembering that filling a bath and completely dipping into it is strictly prohibited.

Also on critical days you need to use specialized hygiene devices that take care of the purity of women's clothing and underwear: pads and tampons. In some European countries, menstrual caps are also gaining popularity. When using the above items, you should monitor their cleanliness, periodically replace them and follow the rules that are described in the instructions for use.

Onset of menopause

Medical statistics states that at about 45-55 years of age, each woman is exposed to the beginning of the climatic period, which indicates the termination of her reproductive function (there is no possibility of becoming pregnant). Rarely, but there are cases when menstruation occurs at the age of 70, which means that the representative of the weaker sex, even at such a late age, has the opportunity to become a mother. But such experiments are categorically not welcomed by the doctors, since very often children are born disabled and the pregnancy is rather difficult, endangering the life of a woman and her offspring. It is quite easy to determine that the onset of menopause has occurred: the menstrual cycle is lost and bleeding is not observed for some time. After that, they reappear and disappear forever. If during the year menstruation is absent, then this symptom is diagnosed as the beginning of menopause.

What will help our site?

On our project, you will learn everything about menstruation, what it is, why they go and why they need menstrual flow, what can and cannot be done during critical days, and also learn about changes in the cycle at different periods of a girl’s life and in different life situations (pregnancy, lactation, disease). In addition, the project deals with the section of hygiene products, which is the main for a comfortable pastime during regul.

If the articles do not address the questions you are interested in, you can always ask them to our specialist, who will quickly answer your question. This is very important, since every girl, woman, has a cycle of hers individually.

Monthly and eyelash extensions: where is the connection

At first glance it may seem that there is no relationship between the procedure for lengthening the eyelashes and certain days of the menstrual cycle. And it makes no sense to wonder why you can not carry out eyelash extensions during menstruation. However, many experts strongly recommend not to increase the lashes in menstruation. It is necessary to abandon the procedure in the event that before the menstruation a few days left.

Such a ban is directly related to the hormonal disruptions that a woman begins to experience about a week before menstruation. They provoke changes in the flow of metabolism in the body and the work of some internal organs.

Experts, answering the question what will happen if you increase the eyelashes during menstruation, identify the following probable risks:

  • development of an allergic reaction to hair extensions or the adhesive composition used in the process,
  • short duration of effect
  • ненадежность крепления материала.

Впрочем, не все мастера считают, что наращивать ресницы категорически запрещено, когда идут месячные, и не предостерегают клиенток.

Interesting. As the added artificial hair creates an additional load on the eyelid, there is an accelerated loss of its eyelashes. As a result, there is a kind of bald spots. Due to hormonal disruptions in a certain period of the cycle, native eyelashes fall out even faster, and the risk of gaps in the growth line becomes higher.

Crumbling eyelashes do not look aesthetically pleasing

Preparing to build

Like any other cosmetic manipulation, eyelash extension requires a certain preparation from the patient. The following are significant points:

  • On the eve of the trip to the beauty salon you should definitely evaluate your overall health,
  • pre-remove contact lenses,
  • refrain from curling your own eyelashes on the day of the procedure,
  • rinse makeup off your eyes.

The build-up will be successful if properly prepared for it.

What to do with a loss of eyelashes

Having decided to increase eyelashes during menstruation, one should be prepared for the fact that after a short period of time the eyelashes simply fall off. And the eye will eventually be left without them. Restoring the original state of the eyelashes will require long-term treatment. You will need to drink a course of vitamins and regularly use cream and ointment for the growth of eyelashes.

The eyelash extensions and the final result can be influenced not only by premenstrual syndrome and menstruation, but also by factors such as long-term use of hormonal drugs (including contraceptives), pregnancy, lactation, and some diseases during which hormonal changes occur.

Of course, the described contraindication is relative. The woman's body is an individual system, and no reaction during eyelash extension during menstruation may not follow. If you have previously performed lengthening of the cilia during menstruation, and the result lasted for the expected period, take a risk. In any other cases, it is recommended to postpone the trip to the beautician for some time.

What to do after eyelash extensions

To the cilia lasted as long as possible and did not lose their splendor for several weeks, it is not enough to go to the procedure after the end of menstruation. In addition, some other recommendations will need to be followed:

  • do not wet the eyes during the day after the procedure,
  • do not stay for several days in high humidity (for example, in a sauna),
  • don't rub your eyelids
  • do not use waterproof mascara,
  • do not use oily cosmetics,
  • do not curl eyelashes,
  • Don't stick your face in your pillow while you sleep.

Important! If the eyelashes began to crumble, you should not try to remove their own. Inappropriate actions can cause loss of native eyelashes. It is better to contact a specialist who has increased cilia.

What else may be contraindications

Eyelashes that are enlarged during menstruation may begin to crumble almost the day after the procedure.

In addition to menstruation, there are a number of other contraindications for eyelash extensions. The following reasons are most commonly mentioned:

When it comes to allergies, it is not always possible to understand its presence in advance. Moreover, the first symptoms of intolerance appear after all the manipulations. But you can avoid trouble if the master is not too lazy to tell the client that animal hair is used during the procedure. If a woman has an allergy to her, it is strongly recommended to immediately leave the salon.

Somewhat more complicated is the situation with increased eye sensitivity. Very few people know about the existence of such a problem, and an allergic reaction often turns out to be an unpleasant surprise.

The basis of this pathology, like diabetes, is a violation of metabolic processes in the body. As a result, as in the case of menstruation, it may happen that the glue will not hold the cilia.

The presence of conjunctivitis, as well as any other inflammatory processes on the eye, is a categorical contraindication. Going to the procedure with sore eyes is just the height of indiscretion. Conducting manipulations on building will inevitably lead to complication of the course of the disease.

  • Weakened own eyelashes,

Technologically building cilia involves gluing them to natural. If the native hairs are naturally weakened, they simply will not withstand the additional severity and will quickly break.

  • Cold and viral diseases.

During colds, infectious and viral diseases, you should not go to the beauty salon either. Far from every woman decides to go to the procedure, if she has a fever and feeling unwell, but it is still necessary to stipulate the moment.

Opinion of experts

Why it is impossible to increase eyelashes during menstruation? Despite the fact that menstruation is considered to be a contraindication to eyelash extensions, experienced cosmetologists emphasize that this is not a categorical ban, but a recommendation. If a girl is in excellent health and does not suffer from allergic reactions, her body is unlikely to produce an unexpected reaction. The result in this case in most cases will depend on the qualifications and experience of the specialist and the client's compliance with all recommendations for the care of artificial eyelashes.

Thus, an unequivocal answer to the question of whether it is possible to increase eyelashes during menstruation is impossible to find. And whether or not to take the risk, every woman decides for herself.

Much more important in this case is not to be mistaken with the choice of the artist. Eyelash extensions, though it seems not the most difficult procedure, require professionalism and a certain level of qualification. This salon service is not worth saving.

The naturalness of artificial eyelashes - an indicator of professionalism of the master

When choosing a master, it is strongly recommended to pay attention to his experience, to make sure that there are certificates and diplomas confirming qualification. It will not be superfluous before the final choice is made in favor of a particular salon, read reviews on the Internet. As a rule, clients of beautician cabinets who have received negative experience, share it with others with great pleasure.

You should not settle for eyelash extensions at home. This is a salon procedure that requires sterility and a special approach, and it is unlikely that this will be achieved under domestic conditions.

To increase or not eyelashes for menstruation

At first glance, the relationship of eyelash extension and menstruation is absent. However, experts do not recommend applying cilia not only in the presence of bleeding, but a few days before it starts.

The ban is due to hormonal disruptions in critical days and the development of diseases against this background. The hormonal system of a woman begins to undergo changes approximately 10 days before menstruation, which causes a change in the metabolism and the work of some organs.

Under such circumstances, another question is brewing - what will happen if eyelash extensions are performed during menstruation? Masters give several answers:

  • Allergy - the body can react negatively to glue or artificial hairs.
  • Unreliable fastening of the material - the glue will be taken badly and the cilia will fall out.
  • Short-term effect - the eyes will be beautiful for no longer than 7 to 10 days.

In general, eyelash extensions can be done at any time during the cycle, including on menstruation days. However, the results will not be impressive.

Artificial hairs increase the load on the eyelids and accelerate the rate of loss of their own eyelashes. New hairs grow back slowly, gaps along the growth line become more pronounced. In the second half of the cycle, due to hormonal fluctuations, the cilia fall out very quickly and the eyes can be left unprotected.

Vitamins and preparations to improve the growth of eyelashes will help to return the former beauty. But recovery will not happen in one day, it will take several months.

To say that to increase the eyelashes during menstruation is strictly prohibited. Women simply need to understand that the human body is an individual environment, and the consequences of building up are unpredictable in each case. Although sometimes this process does not bring problems.

Exercising cilia is not recommended if there are signs of PMS, in the menstrual period, during lactation and pregnancy. Under the restriction fall hormonal disorders and the use of hormonal contraceptives.

How is the procedure

For eyelash extension specialists use natural hairs of animals with valuable fur (mink, sable, ferret, etc.).

Artificial hairs interlock with natural eyelashes with glue. As a result, eyelashes become shiny and silky and get the desired length. The similarity of the structure of the material with a human eyelash creates the effect of naturalness.

Before and after

Time lash extension procedure takes from 1 to 3 hours. Each eye has 100 - 130 hairs attached. The exact amount depends on the wishes of the client and the quality of her own eyelashes.

The work of an experienced master provides a result for 3 - 5 weeks. Subject to the rules of care for the face in the presence of false cilia effect will be as long as possible. To maintain beauty, it is recommended to make a correction once every 3 to 4 weeks.

Women who wear contact lenses should remove them before eyelash extensions. You can wear them only in a day. This rule is associated with an increase in the load on the eyelids. After the procedure, the skin needs some time to strengthen them. Insert the lens should be careful to avoid breaking eyelashes. To do this, slightly raise the eyelid.

It is also necessary to take into account the possible contact of the lens surface with the place of fixation of the eyelashes, which leads to discomfort in the eyes. If a woman wears lenses for a long time, the protective functions of the cornea are reduced. The presence of foreign hair on the eye entails in this case an allergy or an infectious disease.

Another important point is the treatment of lenses with a special antiseptic. Interacting with glue, a chemical can dissolve it. Therefore, it is better to remove the fixtures on the day of expansion.

If eyelash extensions coincided with a visit to a tanning salon, it is necessary to plan the day so that the time interval between treatments is several hours. The effect of ultraviolet radiation on the eyelid skin impairs the quality of hair attachment.

Are there any restrictions after eyelash extensions?

To cilia did not lose their pomp and served for a long time, women should follow a few recommendations. Neglecting the master's advice leads to the fact that the hairs begin to crumble the very next morning. Negligent client will have to immediately sign up for a correction.

So, what can not be done after eyelash extensions:

  1. To wet eyes in the first day, to take a steam bath in a bath or a sauna, to remain in conditions of high humidity.
  2. Curl eyelashes.
  3. Sleep face in the pillow.
  4. To make steam baths for the face.
  5. Use oily and oily cosmetics.
  6. Scratching or rubbing the eyelids. Makeup removal should be done with gentle, gentle movements.
  7. To be beautiful with waterproof mascara. The use of powerful remuver damages cilia.
  8. Remove false eyelashes yourself. The inept elimination of alien hairs is fraught with fracture and loss of its own eyelashes.

When it is impossible to do building

There are the following contraindications that should be a reason for refusing the procedure:

  • diabetes,
  • glue allergies in the past
  • skin rashes in the work area
  • increased tearfulness
  • psoriasis,
  • colds,
  • demadecosis,
  • tuberculosis,
  • carrying a child
  • severe hair loss
  • syphilis,
  • psycho-emotional instability.

Such health problems can not be withheld from the master. Otherwise, the studio is not responsible for the status of the client and the quality of the result. It is necessary to consult with a specialist in advance. Trial build-up can help.

Cilia extensions during menstruation days

The master or the trichologist will answer immediately why it is impossible to build up the eyelashes during normal periods. Main reasons:

  • the risk of allergic manifestations
  • unreliable fastening material
  • short-term effect.

Increasing the eyelashes during menstruation, a woman may face unexpected consequences on the very next day: a strong loss of not only new, but also her own hairs.

If you also plan to do a tattoo of eyebrows during menstruation, we advise you to refrain from this procedure these days. Read about the reasons for the ban in one of our articles.

Causes of loss of eyelashes increased during menstruation

The quality of the procedure can be affected by: hormonal surge, lacrimation, increased sebum secretion, skin reactions.

Eyelash extensions during the flow of menstruation is not advisable, since the result of the work will not please durability.

Before menstrual secretions and in their period hormonal fluctuations are noted. Because of this, the eyelashes fall out stronger than in the other period of the month. Add to this the additional burden that builds up.
Such a heaviness on the eyelids accelerates the loss of their own hairs. With minimal loss of eyelashes will look unnatural, in extreme cases, the eyes are completely unprotected. Further, there are also problems with the growth of their own cilia.

Due to the appearance of menstrual blood, women notice emotional instability. Hence, a sharp reaction to any events that may cause a bad mood and experiences. For growing cilia the most dangerous factor are tears.

Increased tearfulness creates unfavorable conditions for the work of the master. But the excess moisture prevents not only the specialist, but also the client. After all, each tear will inevitably interact with glue. Therefore, the strength of the build-up is reduced and the likelihood of allergy increases.

Work the sebaceous glands

According to reviews, it is oily skin that most often causes poor or short-lived hairs on the eyelids. Specialist in the beauty salon before the procedure will necessarily carry out all the necessary manipulations to remove sebum from the working surface.

But on critical days, the sebaceous glands produce more secretion than in the middle of the female cycle. Therefore, a negative effect is created on the material with which the hairs are attached.

It is not necessary to increase the eyelashes clients with hypersensitivity of the epidermis. But at the time of rejection of the endometrium of the uterus, almost any woman begins to notice that the skin began to react differently to hygiene products and cosmetics.

The same situation with glue. A special mixture on ordinary days is most often easily applied without consequences. But during menstruation, even the owner of the ideal epidermis can become a victim of an allergic reaction in the form of itching, burning and irritation.

Similar consequences await a woman who decided to carry out the depilation. Therefore, the question arises whether it is possible to do shugaring during menstruation or another method of hair removal. Learn more about the procedure in the days of regulation on the link.

Women's opinion

Reviews on eyelash extensions during menstruation rarely contain negative information. Problems after the procedure often occur in those girls who have had skin problems before or have simply come to a bad master.

But most of the opinions agree that building up against the background of menstruation is fraught with a less stable result. Cilia do not fall out immediately, but you have to visit a beauty studio a week earlier than scheduled.

In rare reviews there is information regarding strong allergic reactions and the subsequent poor growth of your own hairs on the eyelids.

We recommend to read about whether it is possible to visit a tanning salon during menstruation and what negative effects are possible after tanning.

The right time for the procedure

The best period for building up is the middle of the cycle. And also it is worth waiting 2 or 3 days after menstruation, and only then go to a specialist.

You still do not need to assign a procedure shortly before the start of critical days. In case of unstable menstrual cycle due to hormonal failure, the procedure is generally contraindicated. If a woman enrolled in advance, and the bleeding began suddenly, then it is worth telling everything to a specialist. The master will understand the situation and assign a more appropriate date.

Eyelash extension during menstruation is fraught with many consequences. Negative changes will affect the quality and durability of the result, as well as the condition of the woman. The risk of adverse reactions is minimal, but you should not risk beauty and health.

How to behave after building

To please the result as long as possible, you need to follow simple rules:

  • Do not use mascara. Its oily base dissolves the glue base, which leads to quick peeling of the hairs. The same applies to other eye cosmetics, such as eyeliner or pencils.
  • Do not touch your eyes. Constant contact with glued particles leads to exactly the same as the use of oil-based products. In addition, constant touch fraught with the introduction of various infections. The less it interacts with the hairs, the longer their lifespan will be.

  • Не следует надевать повязку для сна и спать на животе лицом в подушку.
  • Нельзя мочить ресницы первые сутки. The interaction with water for the first 24 hours may result in peeling off of the work just performed.
  • The first three days are forbidden to visit the bath and sauna, because until the glue grabs completely, it is quite vulnerable, and the steam is able to weaken the effect of the already fragile base.
  • Make-up can be applied not earlier than a day after the procedure, but only on condition that there is no oil in the composition of the cosmetic product.

Is it possible to increase eyelashes during menstruation

This is not to say that it is easy to see the connection between the menstrual cycle in women and eyelash extensions. But it exists: a week before menstruation, strong hormonal changes occur in a woman's body, for example, hair loss increases, the body's work changes as a whole (including, the metabolism begins to work a little differently).

This means that the use of glue can have an even more negative impact on native hairs and even cause a strong allergic reaction to the composition and the extended eyelashes themselves. True, the opinion of experts was divided, and the ban on the procedure to increase the density of hair during menstruation is only advisory, because different girls have different health.

If the body is strong and not subject to various diseases, it is unlikely that such an impact will harm it.

Useful video

See in this video about how to care for cilia after building:

Against the background of a decrease in immunity under the action of hormonal background, menstruation may change, and the cold will not take long to come. How will menstruation go after or during the illness?

Often the monthly with a spiral go the same way as without it. However, sometimes an individual reaction may be the opposite - bleeding will begin. When is it better to remove the spiral? What are normal periods?

Not all tests can be taken during menstruation. For example, total blood smears from the cervix will be uninformative. Ultrasound in the first 5 days is also undesirable.

Not so easy to understand what you can not do with menstruation. After all, this is a normal physiological process. There are restrictions on sports, visiting a cosmetologist, doctors, surgeries and other procedures.

Why eyelash extension harms them

Even the highest quality and thin artificial hairs give a significant load. Under the weight of extended eyelashes natural does not rest at all, and over time they begin to weaken.

Cilia will deteriorate, but not sharply, but in 2-3 months or even six months. This is the main harm extension eyelashes.

Normally, all the hairs on our body are constantly growing and renewing, and the old ones fall out. Usually, a person does not even notice how this happens.

If the procedure is performed technically illiterately, the eyelash can not fall out, and gets stuck in artificial hairs. This is a threat to the eyes, because it can trigger the development of the inflammatory process.

Also, the use of low-quality materials by the master does not promise anything good. They keep worse, look cheap and are more likely to cause allergies. Unfortunately, customers often do not have the opportunity to understand what materials are used in the cabin, and they have to trust the master with the word.

Are there any contraindications

As with any beauty service, capacity can have negative consequences. Here is a list of contraindications, in the presence of which it is better to refuse the service:

  • Tendency to allergic reactions. For allergy sufferers, the procedure may increase the risk of unwanted reactions to both the artificial material and the adhesive.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the eye: blepharitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis, barley.
  • Too dry, dehydrated skin in the eyelids. With such a skin, it is shown to be moistened with cosmetics based on natural ingredients. Any creams, gels, emulsions slightly oily skin, because of this cilia can peel off.
  • Strong loss of eyelashes. If the natural hairs are too weak and actively fall out, the extension will not solve the problem. The problem will only get worse and reach a critical point, when the eyelids remain completely "bare."
  • Psoriasis is a non-infectious skin disease.
  • The procedure is not recommended for girls who wear contact lenses. Every day, inserting and removing them, they will disturb the cilia, because of what they may require correction ahead of time.
  • It is also recommended to refrain from building up in the presence of diseases such as bronchial asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, tuberculosis, as well as with banal flu or a cold.

This is what may affect the period of eyelash wear: dyeing them with paint, taking antibiotics, oily skin, using oily makeup removers.

1 for any ocular pathologies, including inflammatory and allergic,

2 with excessive sensitivity of the skin around the eyes,

3 when identifying intolerance of individual components used by the master (hairs and glue),

4 in the presence of chronic internal diseases, for example, diabetes, as well as during colds and viral ailments.

To make sure that the use of glue does not cause a violent allergic reaction, which can damage the eyes and skin around them, it is necessary to carry out an allergy test in advance, dripping a little glue on the elbow bend.

If there is no irritation, redness and itching, you can trust the master. You should know that when chronically occurring pathological metabolic processes in the body, for example, diabetes, the result may not please.

The fact is that weakened eyelashes will withstand badly the pressure of the bulge and fall out quickly.

Wearing contact lenses with eyelash extensions is also not very comfortable. There are no direct contraindications to eyelash extensions during menstruation, but the cyclical hormonal changes in the body of each woman that occur during this period can significantly weaken the body.

Therefore, the result of eyelash extension may be far from expected. Is it worth it to neglect or postpone the implementation of the procedure, you need to decide every woman on their own.

And for this you need to have full information, both about the beauty salon, its masters and the methods used, and about your own state of health.

There are cases when eyelash extension brings only harm, for example, all doctors forbid them from building up during pregnancy. This condition in itself has a negative effect on the hairs, they become more fragile and weak, and the build-up can aggravate this situation.

In addition, the chemical components included in the composition of the adhesive substances are also quite harmful for expectant mothers. They need to especially care about their health.

In order not to expose the eyelashes to a double blow from exhaustion during pregnancy, as well as from deterioration of the structure during extension, it is better to completely abandon this process.

Also, all doctors claim that you should not build eyelashes, if you use contact lenses.

Is it harmful to the eyes?

To explain the negative or rejection, they say "this is harmful." For example, as candy from New Year's gifts that parents eat in secret.

In other cases, the work of a competent specialist is safe.

There are several possible situations. For example, after mechanical removal (not from the master, they simply crept out, because the eyes were scratching often), the eyelashes really grow worse. Because with inept actions together with glue and mink, it is likely to pull out your own eyelashes. The hair bulb is injured, and subsequent cilia will be weaker.

More often, the diagnosis “grow worse” comes from the fact that you are simply used to volume fans, and the possibilities of natural eyelashes are much lower (thinner, lighter, shorter, less common).

An abrupt change of image is perceived as worsening, although the doctor himself (trichologist, dermatologist, oculist) is rarely addressed with such a question.

By analogy with extended curls, doctors talk about the dangers for their own eyelashes. However, inaccurate extension-removal, medication, a number of diseases, vitamin deficiency can also provoke loss of eyelashes.

The loss of extended eyelashes occurs more noticeably than a natural update, because we pay attention to them.

One should not dismiss one’s subjective perception “worse” - successive extensions to thin and weak hairs do not contribute to health. In the breaks it is useful to strengthen the cilia in simple ways. Such care to treat the category of "penny" and takes on the strength of a couple of minutes a day.

Judging by the reviews of the fair sex, eyelash extensions are very popular among them. They all write that this procedure allows you to get rid of the daily staining of eyelashes, and also perfectly saves time.

Many girls indicate that with the help of extensions they achieve the desired visual effect, because they can choose the appropriate length and bend of artificial hairs. But not all women praise this procedure, because the consequences after it can be very deplorable.

Some say that their eyelashes are noticeably paler, and also have become very rare and thin. They claim that the reason for this was the build-up.

Many, after having extended their eyelashes for a long time, insist that they no longer repeated this procedure.

But women, who periodically increased eyelashes, and then allowed their eyes and native hair to rest, noted that the extension had practically no effect on the quality of their own eyelashes. They write that the main thing is to properly care for the hairs after extension.

Also, women indicate that the negative consequence of building up for them was that by the evening their eyes itched, and there was also a feeling of dryness on the eyelids and irritation.

Some also experienced an allergic reaction because their eyelid skin is very sensitive. That is why they subsequently had to abandon eyelash extensions.

Analysis of the review showed that the effect of the build-up is worthwhile, but the consequences of this procedure are very individual: some women do not notice sharp negative changes, while others, on the contrary, notice a marked deterioration in the hair structure, the last group of women are owners of thin and light eyelashes therefore, they believe that this procedure does not suit them.

But in general, many women resort to building up, but they try to use such services of cosmetologists no more than once a month for six months.

You will learn more about eyelash extensions in the following video.