Secrets of double happiness: how to conceive twins of boys or girls?


It will not be a secret for anyone that every woman wants to become a mother. Someone wants to endure a girl first, someone wants a boy. However, there are women who want to get such a jackpot - to become pregnant with twins. How to conceive naturally twins: what to do and whether to take such a step - I want to talk about all this in this article.

Concept definition

At the very beginning, it is necessary to clarify a little bit how exactly the twins differ from the twins. Identical twins are obtained in the event that one egg is fertilized and then divided into two parts. Twins, however, are produced if, for a definite reason, the woman's body has produced two ova ready for fertilization, which “process” two different spermatozoa.


Well, the simplest, but far from the most useless advice, how to conceive twins: you just need to very much want it. After all, no one will be a secret that self-hypnosis has great power and often leads to the desired, though not always the expected results. If a woman constantly thinks that she will have twins, most likely it will be so!

Who are the twins?

Twins - These are fraternal children. Such a pregnancy occurs when two eggs are fertilized by different sperm. Each fetus is formed in a separate placenta.

Twins can be both similar and completely different. The same goes for sex.

The probability of conceiving twins is 3 times higher than the conception of twins. It has also been observed that twins are more likely to be born in older women.

In 20-30 years expectant mother has 3% chance conceive twins naturally. BUT at the age of 30-40 these chances increase to 6%.

With each subsequent pregnancy, the possibility of conceiving twins also increases, because the birth of a child in most cases is accompanied by weight gain. And women with a slight excess of body weight are much more likely to become pregnant with twins.

In addition, according to studies, mothers who breastfeed and become pregnant during this period are more likely to conceive twins.

How can you conceive twins?

The easiest way to conceive twins to the inhabitants of the Middle East and Africans. Equally important in the creation of twins plays and geographical factor.

For example, in the village of Kopan (the Carpathians), for 50 years, 54 pairs of frailty children were born. Villagers say that this is due to the healing source of water in the village. It is he who creates favorable conditions for the birth of twins.

Therefore, many people who wish to become doubly happy parents go to this source. And some couples still managed to conceive twins after a trip to this magical place.

In the Rostov region, in the village of Denisovka, amazing phenomena were also recorded. There for every 500 people there are 19 pairs of twins. This is influenced by the fruitful land.

Locals say they know how to get pregnant with twins. According to them, even having visited the village, the husband and wife will be able to conceive two children at the same time.

How to conceive twins naturally?

If you really want to give birth to twins, but IVF is not the original method for you, consult a geneticist. He will tell you how to make your dream come true.

Before going to the doctor find out all the information about your family, take the case histories (your own and your husband), and then go for qualified advice.

In addition, on the advice of a doctor, quit smoking and stop drinking alcoholic beverages. Your diet should be dominated by dairy products.

A few months before conception Diversify your daily menu with food that stimulates ovarian function and promotes the release of more than one egg during ovulation.

We are talking about whole grains, walnuts, chicken eggs.

How to conceive twins girls?

When conceiving twin girls, the position in which you make love is of great importance. It is better to refuse in that case from deep penetration. More suitable missionary position.

Also have a special diet, which allows you to increase the chances of conceiving girls. In the daily diet you need to include sugar, honey, spices, herbs, jam. It is recommended to avoid foods containing caffeine, and salty foods.

Insofar as a woman’s blood is renewed every three years, and a man’s every four, it is necessary to conduct a countdown, which starts from the last big blood loss: surgery, abortion, childbirth

Depending on whose blood is younger at the time of conception, you can determine the sex of the future baby.

How to conceive twins boys?

  1. Guided by desire to become parents of twin boys, deep penetration poses can be used, which are good because Y-spermatozoa are given a short distance to the uterus easier and they live less than their X-rivals. There is information that the favorable penetration of these spermatozoa is much more effective after a woman's orgasm, since substances are released that contribute to the viability of the Y-spermatozoa.
  2. Have sex before ovulation. Podgadivat time of this process of the female body is necessary because of the short life expectancy of Y-sperm. This will increase their chances of reaching the mature egg faster than their counterparts.
  3. Stick to special diet, which provides for the exclusion from the diet of milk drinks, shrimps, crabs, caviar, sauces, pastries, bread, waffles, green salad, green beans, raw cabbage, dill, nuts, cocoa.

Instead, actively consume tea, coffee, fruit juices, mineral water with soda, all varieties of meat and fish, sausages, egg white, biscuits, cookies, semolina, rice, potatoes, mushrooms, lentils, peas, all fruits and dried fruits (prunes , dried apricots, dates), dark chocolate. Salt more food, more often eat canned food and dishes cooked with yeast.

Go to your goal and do everything in order to achieve the desired. Believe me, your work will be rewarded.

Let not twins, but one child. But the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood is not in the number of children, but in how you manage to cope with the responsible role of parents.

Expert comment

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The human body is designed for carrying and the birth of only one child. No matter how strange it may seem, multiple pregnancy from the point of view of medicine is considered as an anomaly.

If the only fertilized egg is divided exactly in half, copying the genetic code, it turns out identical twins. The copying mechanism is known, the reasons are not clear. Anyway, the appearance of monozygous twins does not depend on the fact of conception.

Split egg occurs later. If, for some reason, it occurs later than the zygote stage, the twins are formed, which were first described in Thailand - are Siamese.

The causes of the formation of several eggs

The female cycle normally provides for the appearance of only one egg. It appears and turns on the mechanism of the second phase of the menstrual cycle. This happens throughout the child-bearing age of a woman. The larger the supply of follicles, the longer the period of menstruation.

Hormonal changes that contribute to the formation of several eggs:

  • taking hormonal contraceptives for three months and then canceling them,
  • drug stimulation of ovulation,
  • heredity,
  • doubling of the uterus in the embryonic period.

Reload effect

This is the formation of an egg after the cancellation of a hormonal drug. When taking hormonal contraceptives, the ovaries "rest" for three months. The hormonal cycle is artificially maintained.

Reboot effect - a phenomenon, though planned, but uncontrollable. The appearance of it is spontaneous.

Hereditary factor

Predisposition to the conception of fraudulent twins is inherited along the female line.. As a rule, in a generation. If the grandmother gave birth to twins, the granddaughter has all the chances. In the absence of abortion. Forced termination of pregnancy, regardless of twins or one fetus, destroys the original genetic installation.

Climatic factor

Under certain conditions: the length of daylight, humidity and natural radioactive background, - the work of appendages is activated. Several ovules form in the ovaries. In some localities, an increased number of multiple pregnancies has been observed.

A trip to such places for one or two days does not guarantee the birth of twins. The formation of an egg occurs within two weeks.

IVF as a family planning tool

In vitro fertilization, after the stimulation of the ovaries, get a few eggs. Fertilize four to six. In different countries in different ways.

Take root either all embryos or two. Under any conditions, all other children are destroyed, except for two.

therefore IVF can guarantee the birth of fraternal twins, and can not guarantee anything. There is no certainty that fertilized eggs will linger in the uterus during artificial replanting.

Are there pills to get pregnant with twins?

Belief in the "magic" pills is one of the mental problems of our civilization, it is a universal remedy for the lazy. Women are used to the fact that in this way pain can be treated, and marketers began to offer pills and “100% effective remedies” for weight loss. I did not want to upset, but there is no such panacea - only diet, massage and sport. Similarly, with regard to the question "how to get pregnant with twins or twins?" All the tips work only in the complex.

This is interesting: A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition increase the chances of the birth of two lives in the uterus. But according to the experiences of countries with the highest standard of living, this will not become a mass phenomenon. The childbearing boom periodically occurs in regions where economic growth is observed after many years of financial decline and poor nutrition of the population. The appearance of unlike twins is less likely to occur among representatives of the Mongoloid race, most often among African peoples.
There is no universal way of conceiving twins, but a reasonable combination of medical and folk methods increases the chances of having twins. If there is such a desire (or the fortune-teller predicted), it is worth working to create optimal conditions for increasing the fecundity of the ovaries. This property has the drug "Klostibegit", stimulating ovulation, but before buying tablets, be sure to consult a gynecologist.

It is also possible to take birth control pills to get pregnant with twins. In this case, a “double” conception occurs on the basis of an ovarian pause after oral contraceptives, when eggs in symmetric organs mature.

Against the background of a hormonal surge, both eggs are ready for fertilization, if the male seed is active enough. In this case, dissimilar children can be born, even a boy plus a girl, which is rarely the case for outwardly similar identical twins (from a common egg). But you can not expect that this will happen after hormonal pills, it only increases the chance of getting pregnant with twins or the chances of having twins.

Sometimes, depending on the problem, the doctor prescribes hormonal or complex drugs for the treatment of adverse diseases. Indirectly, they can stimulate ovulation and double conception. These drugs can not "prescribe" to themselves, so as not to harm the childbearing function.

Tablets with hormone HCG have a positive effect on the volume of the follicle and the meeting of sperm and egg. Under the influence of such a hormone as progesterone, the internal cavity of the uterus prepares to receive the ovum and fetus in the first months. Sometimes its level has to be controlled with pills.

Reception of vitamins well affect fertility and definitely does not harm. Ask at pharmacies:

  • fat soluble vitamins "A", "D" and "E".
  • folic acid
  • drug "AEvit".

How and at what time is it easier to get pregnant with twins?

The most favorable time for conceiving twins is the end of spring and summer, when there is a lot of vitamins in food. Even in animal husbandry, hatchery owners try to get the viable offspring of geese, ducks and chickens to get after the birds begin to peck fresh greens. This worldly wisdom is also true of female pregnancy. But chemical vitamins, unfortunately, have minimal effectiveness.

Vitamin-protein diet will also increase the chances of maturation of 2 eggs in one interval between menstruation. Low-fat dairy products, hard cheeses, fish and meat fillets are very useful. Do not abuse crustaceans and other seafood that eat carrion - cadaveric poison can accumulate in their tissues.

Meat is better to buy market when the animal was fed on natural food. But it is necessary to cook it well, subjecting it to long-term heat treatment in order to exclude encapsulation of eggs and larvae of worms. The same is true for river fish - only freshly prepared, well roasted, baked and boiled.

The food should be enough nuts, vegetables and fruits with a high content of folic acid and rare amino acids. It has been proven that yams have a positive effect on ovarian stimulation. Sweet root increases the chances of multiple pregnancy.

Discussing the question "how to become pregnant with twins," do not forget about a healthy lifestyle and the abandonment of harmful habits. You can only a little dry wine, from other alcohol and cigarettes will have to be abandoned.

Attention: Statistics confirm that the first time you can produce twins only to those who have a genetic predisposition to it.
People say that there should be a “roomy womb”. Scientific explanation - the normal hormonal background for conceiving twins is established after a successful birth. Women of average build about 30 years old, who earlier gave birth to their first child, are more likely to fully bear and give birth to two children than slender young girls. In wealthy families with a friendly atmosphere, twins are more often born than women who live in a stressful environment. Devout people also claim that God will honor only good parents with twins.

Artificial way to get pregnant with twins

If fertilization does not take place in a natural way, doctors often have to recommend “test-tube” conception. IVF (in vitro fertilization) is another method of multiple pregnancy. Several embryos are implanted in the uterus, in the hope that at least one will take root.

It happens that 2-3 sacrificial eggs survive at once, after which children are born safely. But they can not be twins, if from a different egg. How to get pregnant twins, consider further.

Why are twins and twins born?

Twins call babies who look like 2 drops of water. Doctors call them "identical" embryos. They are born from the "wrong" division of the egg, which, having divided into two, continues to form 2 full-fledged babies.

It happens that with IVF, several babies are born, part of twins, and 2 twins of the same sex. Multiple pregnancy is a very rare phenomenon, which happens without the intervention of physicians. It all depends on the number of eggs involved in the pregnancy. They are difficult to bear, are born, most often, with the help of surgeons (cesarean section), but the appearance is a great joy.

Not very similar twins are born much less often - two spermatozoa simultaneously penetrated the egg cell, after which it was divided into 2 fetal eggs, as in the picture.

Worst of all, when there are accrete or "Siamese twins." This is a pathological offspring of the 1st egg, not fully divided at an early stage.

There are chances to give birth to twins with a short menstrual cycle - 21-23 days.

Genetic predisposition can be transmitted through the female and male lines, but this is not always guaranteed. For those who are interested, what is the probability of becoming pregnant with twins, it is important to consider all factors, including probability tables.

Days should coincide with ovulation, but some of these numbers came in handy:

How do twins differ from twins?

Every day, twins and twins are born on the planet, but many have not learned to distinguish in which cases they call whom and how. Actually it is quite simple. Medicine uses only the term "twins", but it does indicate that they came from the same egg or from different ones. If one egg was fertilized, which then split into two independent embryos, then these are twins. But if two eggs were fertilized by different sperm, then in this case we are talking about the so-called twins.

Стопроцентное сходство и одинаковая половая принадлежность характерна только близнецам, а вот двойняшки – только вместе находятся в утробе матери, но пол могут иметь разный и внешность тоже не совсем похожую.

What factors contribute to the conception of two children at once

Unfortunately, the chances of conceiving beautiful twins or twins are not that great. This is important to know in order to set yourself up for “hard work”. A total of eighty births account for one birth of two children at a time. Chance tiny, but still there, so with a great desire and you can work.

There is a certain category of women who are naturally predisposed to the appearance of two children:

  • if there were cases of twins or twins in the family, the chances are wonderful,
  • incredibly, but the mother of the Mongoloid or Negroid race has made great strides in the birth of two babies,
  • hormones can affect many processes in a woman’s body, so taking them before conception can provoke the birth of two children,
  • second births falling in age from 30 to 40 years, give more chances than the first to thirty years,
  • lush ladies are in a better position than mommies of model appearance, in this matter extra weight "leads."

Interestingly, the season of the year also contributes to the conception of two babies. Most often this occurs in the spring, when the length of the day increases, which has a positive effect on the woman’s well-being and mood. Spring nature has a positive effect on the hormonal female background. The refusal of bad habits increases the chances, as there is a cleansing and healing of the body.

Accordingly, the obstacles to the onset of a happy pregnancy, which will end with the birth of two babies, can be a wrong lifestyle, bad habits, poor nutrition, vitamin deficiency, depression and many other negative factors that worsen Mommy’s general well-being and mood.

Ancient Chinese

This table allows parents to choose the time for conception, depending on what sex they plan to conceive. According to legend, this table was found in China in one of the ancient tombs. Reviews of the veracity of forecasts are very controversial. More and more modern women take it as a joke. However, a considerable number of women claim that it was thanks to this table that they managed to conceive crumbs of a certain sex.

The number of crosses in the middle columns of the table determines the degree of probability of conceiving children of a particular sex (the more crosses, the higher the chance).

General recommendations

Some women dream of such pregnancy in order to solve the problem of fertility at one time, raised in the family. To get pregnant once, to go through one birth, but to get two beautiful babies at once. Childbirth is a gift, so any pregnancy should be treated with gratitude.

The “double” gift from the heavens is a rare occurrence and no one can guarantee success, but if desired, young parents can use the advice and try to conceive twins. For this it is important to know the following:

  • A woman should follow the menstrual cycle, determine the time of onset of ovulation, then to independently calculate the time ideal for conception,
  • a posture that a young couple will observe during ovulation may also contribute to a positive resolution of the issue,
  • calculate the blood renewal cycles and determine the optimal time of conception,
  • follow a strict diet that favors the birth of not only two babies, but also affects their gender,
  • the use of folk remedies.

The choice of posture for conception

The pose adopted by the couple also influences conception, as well as the sex of the future baby. Whether it is true or not, whether it is suitable for a particular pair - only practice will help to verify. However, in this situation even doctors hold the opinion that the result really depends on the posture. In order to have more chances to become pregnant with twins or twins, you should take poses that provide deep penetration. It is in this case that it is easier for spermatozoa to reach the final goal and fertilize the egg cell.

If the fertilized egg starts to divide, then you can count on the appearance of twins, if two eggs are released at once at the time of ovulation, then there will be twins, although this option is extremely rare.

Nutrition features during the planning period of twins

Nutrition in the life of any person plays a huge role. Also, a well-organized diet can affect the conception of two babies, which even physicians do not deny. In addition, proper nutrition in any case will never cause harm to anyone.

If there is a great desire to give birth to two charming twins - girls, it is very important for the expectant mom to eat:

  • honey, jam,
  • berries, fruits, vegetables,
  • various spices, fragrant herbs,
  • sugar,
  • fish,
  • any baking without the addition of yeast and salt.

Products that contribute to the conception of boys

Also for the appearance of boys, it is very important to consume more salty foods and those that contain yeast.

If in the plans of young parents the birth of twins, no matter what sex, then wheat germ, nuts, honey and other beekeeping products, eggs, soy, dairy products are actively introduced into the diet. The fact that such products can positively affect the increase in the chance for the birth of twins, confirms not only folk, but also official medicine. This is a pill pill. This is explained by the fact that the eggs for a long period as a result of taking the pills are not allocated. The ovaries have to stay idle for a long time, but after stopping the medication, the “rested” ovaries begin to produce eggs with double strength, which also have an increased activity. As a result of this, fertilization of two eggs at the same time can occur. Despite such a simple and cheap way, you cannot take contraceptives on your own. Uncontrolled intake can cause serious harm and cause a number of side effects.

Folk healer councils

Traditional medicine is also able to work wonders, following her advice, you can try to fulfill the dream of becoming parents of beautiful twins. Here are some of them:

  • consume a large number of proteins that affect the active production of eggs. Bird, cheese, mussels, veal, milk, shrimp, brine are products in which there are a lot of such components.
  • twins should be injected only in summer, when the body of the expectant mother is stronger, rich in vitamins.
  • take infusions of herbs, but only after a full examination, so as not to harm the body and not at least cause allergies.

For example, they actively recommend taking sage, as it promotes the production of female hormones. Folic acid has a positive effect on the excellent work of the ovaries, so another portion of carrots, legumes will not prevent the future mom.

To conceive twins is a difficult task that requires a concentration of moral and physical strength, but if you are very keen on becoming parents of twins, you should use different methods to achieve your goal. In this situation, it is important to take into account the fact that the birth of two children at the same time is a big burden and responsibility, the babies are born very often weak. Children are not toys, therefore, deciding to conceive twins, parents should be mentally prepared for any loads and trials.

Difficulties in conceiving twins

The statistics speak for themselves: the chances of multiple pregnancies are 1:80, which means that only one of 80 women will be lucky enough to become pregnant with twins.

And taking into account the fact that, on average, there are 1-2 children per family in Russia, the probability of the appearance of twins decreases even more.

And modern technologies are not yet ready to answer the question “How to conceive twins in a natural way?”, But the desire of a married couple, good genetics and maximum effort from both the doctor and future parents are able to work wonders!

Types of twins

Twins can turn out from one fertilized egg at the moment when the zygote enters the blastula stage - divided into 2 parts - for 2 -3 days after fertilization, then the twins will be identical. If fertilization occurred immediately 2 eggs, then the twins will be fraternal.

Formation of different types of twins

Siamese twins - twins from this fertilized egg, which at the blastula stage are not completely separated from each other. They have common internal organs and body parts.

Factors affecting the conception of twins

Scientific studies show that there are a number of predisposing factors for how to become pregnant with twins:

  1. Family heredity. If in the family the girl had cases of twins, the chance of becoming pregnant with twins increases. There is evidence of the manifestation of these genes through the generation from grandmother to granddaughter.
  2. Multiple pregnancy in history.
  3. Early and late reproductive age of the woman. Pregnancy at 16 and 45 years of age is carried out against the background of an irregular menstrual cycle, either due to the informality of the female reproductive system, or due to the extinction of the reproductive function of the woman. Against this background, ovarian hyperstimulation occurs, and the likelihood of the formation of two eggs increases.
  4. Method of in vitro fertilization. Embryologists move into the uterine cavity, as a rule, 2 eggs. It is likely that both embryos will take root and develop as fraternal twins. At the moment, this is the most accessible model “how to become pregnant with twins or twins” according to the answers of gynecologists, since a person “interferes” with the process.
  5. Race. In African-American women and girls of the Mongoloid race, the highest frequency of multiple pregnancies was observed.
  6. Anatomical abnormalities form the uterus. Two-horned or saddle-shaped uterus increases the chance of two ovules simultaneously maturing.
  7. A short cycle of 21 days.
  8. Reception of the combined oral contraceptives (COC). It is proved that after the cessation of the use of COCS, there is an enhanced stimulation of the ovaries, and the formation of 2 eggs is quite possible.

How to quickly become pregnant with twins: after 12 months of taking COCs, the likelihood of multiple pregnancy in the next 3 months after drug withdrawal increases.

How to get pregnant with twins using a diet? According to reviews of moms, the protein diet helps stimulate hormones, in particular gonadotropin in the hypothalamus, which stimulate the ovaries.

Fresh seafood, lean meat, dairy products, yams contain a lot of protein, similar in structure to estrogen.

A warm climate contributes to a successful conception, which is why, after the summer season, a queue is formed in the female consultation for registration.

Rest or long-awaited vacation is the right time to be puzzled how to get pregnant with twins naturally.

The absence of stressful situations and complete relaxation, turn off the brains and forget about the problems - all that is needed for a successful conception.

However, there are other observations: in extremely stressful situations (in times of war, famine, natural disasters) the body collects all its possibilities for salvation, and multiple pregnancies are observed more often, in this way some compensation occurs for the lives left.

How to diagnose twins

When registering in the antenatal clinic when you reach the age of 9-11 weeks of pregnancy, you must visit the screening ultrasound of the uterus. And it will be possible to determine whether the children are twins or not.

You can also diagnose twins by testing for hCG: multiple pregnancies are characterized by elevated numbers of human chorionic gonadotropin, which can be easily suspected at an obstetrician-gynecologist.

A quick weight gain and a quick rounding of the abdomen can make you think twice: a small tummy appears in 2-3 months, while in a single-pregnancy pregnancy, the tummy appears by 4-5 months.

Maintaining a multiple pregnancy requires a lot of attention, so visiting a woman’s consultation, following recommendations and observing the work and rest regimen are mandatory for the future mom, because she is responsible for 3 lives!

Probability table of conceiving twins

Remember about the gift of nature, when 2 times in the life of a woman from the follicle 2 eggs come out?

If you seriously set a goal and trace the time of their maturation, you can become a happy parent of twins.

To solve such problems, a special table was developed, which contains information on dates on which the probability of having two children born simultaneously is high.

How to become pregnant with twins, the table below.

How does conception occur in multiple pregnancies?

Multiple pregnancies may vary. As a result of this pregnancy, twins, twins, triplets, and even fives can be born. Most often of these options are still twins. At the same time, the twins can be either identical or fraternal.

In order to understand how twins appear, it is necessary to understand how the process of fertilization takes place. After the merger of the egg and sperm begins active division, resulting in yet another new organism, which is called a zygote. Further, due to reasons unknown so far to science, the zygote may in some cases be divided. Such a division contributes to the fact that not one, but two small human bodies are formed.

Scientists spend quite a lot of experiments that are aimed at establishing the exact mechanism of active division of the zygote and the birth of twins. Modern studies prove that the most important criterion is the time of division. So, the more time has passed since the separation of the zygotes, the more likely the formation of isolation in twins.

Scientists have found that if a zygote divides with the formation of two separate microorganisms for 1-3 days from the moment of fertilization, then in the future each of the babies will have its fetal membranes and placenta, but with a later separation, the twins will have a common placenta. The formation of Siamese twins (spliced ​​by parts of the body among themselves) occurs, according to scientists' assumptions, at 13–15 days after the beginning of the separation of the zygotes.

Obstetricians and gynecologists identify several variants of multiple pregnancy. The first of these is bihorionic biamniotic. In this case, each of the babies has its own placenta and fetal bladder. As noted, this option is possible if the zygote division occurred approximately 3-5 days after fertilization.

The second variant of multiple pregnancy is called monochorionic biamniotic. It is characterized by the presence of one placenta and two fetal bubbles. It occurs a little later - after 4-8 days from the moment of fertilization of the egg.

The third option is monochorion monoamniotic twins. In this case, the babies have only one placenta and one fetal bladder for two. This option is much less common than the previous two. It most often develops on the 9-10 day after fertilization.

Very often after birth, identical twins look very similar to each other. In the future, the children actively use this similarity in school during the answers to the lessons, causing the teachers and their classmates to be really confused. It also happens that the identical twins are very similar to each other, not only in appearance but also in character.

Twin twins are commonly referred to as twins. They may appear due to the simultaneous fertilization of two eggs. Twins, as a rule, are less similar to each other than identical twins. Children can have different hair and eye color, vary in height and weight. Also, twins, as a rule, differ significantly in character and temperament.

Bearing twins requires a greater responsibility from the woman, because the female body at this time is experiencing a significant burden. It is very important that the pregnancy is desired. In this case, the woman endures all the difficulties of carrying babies quite well.

It is very important that during the pregnancy, the expectant mother strictly complies with all the recommendations of the doctors for her.

It is impossible to determine a multiple pregnancy only on the basis of clinical signs. In the early stages, it is almost no different from singleton pregnancy. It is possible to detect the presence of several babies in the uterus at once during an ultrasound examination. When conducting research on a certain period of intrauterine life of babies, you can even evaluate the heartbeat of each of them.

What is the probability?

The birth of twins, conceived in a natural way, due to multiple pregnancies is not as common. According to statistics, out of 250 genera, only one ends with the birth of twins. Identical twins are born extremely rarely - in 4 cases out of 100 kinds of twins.

Такая сравнительно невысокая вероятность появления на свет близняшек способствует тому, что будущие родители, которые мечтают о нескольких малышах одновременно, прибегают к самым различным способам зачатия двойни.

Нужно отметить, что большинство из них все-таки относится к народным. The only official way of deliberately bringing into the world of twins is artificial insemination techniques used in official modern medicine.

Contributing factors

Not every woman is able to conceive twins or triplets, but there is a number of factors that may affect the possibility of developing multiple pregnancies.

  • Age of the future mother. It is believed that after 35 years the opportunity to conceive twins naturally increases. Quite often, twins are born in women who gave birth at the age of 35-45 years.
  • Genetic predisposition. Perhaps this factor is very important. The presence of twins in close relatives significantly increases the likelihood of multiple pregnancies. Scientists have so far not precisely established the gene encoding the development of this predisposition, however, statistics already clearly show this tendency.
  • Overweight. Women who have a slight excess of adipose tissue in the body also have a greater chance to conceive several babies at the same time.

  • Race. It is believed that representatives of the Negroid race more often give birth to twins than Asians.
  • Shortened menstrual cycle. If every month menstruation occurs in 20-22 days, then the opportunity to become pregnant with twins increases slightly.
  • Anatomical features. The development of multiple pregnancy can contribute to a special "two-horned" uterus. In this case, there is a small partition in the uterus, which divides it into several sections. Such pathology, according to statistics, occurs less frequently - on average, only in 5% of cases.
  • Repeated pregnancies. In some cases, the conception of twins can occur even if the couple already have one or more babies. If this also combines other factors contributing to the development of multiple pregnancies, the chances of the birth of twins increase.

Interestingly, withdrawal of oral contraceptives may also contribute to multiple pregnancies. Conception of twins in this case is possible due to an altered ovulation process. The longer was the previous administration of oral contraceptives, the higher the chance of multiple pregnancies. The abolition of drugs in this case potentiates the release of several eggs simultaneously.

Induced (artificially induced) stimulation of several eggs at the same time can also be a possible cause of conceiving twins. To do this, use certain drugs that stimulate the ovaries and regulate ovulation.

Do not take drugs, and then cancel them yourself. Do this only on the advice of a doctor. Oral contraceptives have quite a few undesirable side effects and may be contraindicated in certain diseases, as well as in the presence of individual intolerance.

Geographical living conditions also have an impact on the frequency of twins. In the small village of Kopan ', which is located in the Ukrainian Carpathians, over half a century, 54 pairs of twins were born (with a relatively small population of 3.5 thousand inhabitants). Locals believe that the whole thing in a natural source, which flows there. They even believe that this source has healing properties.

Similar surprising facts of the frequent birth of twins are recorded in the village of Denisovka. This small settlement is located in the Rostov region. It is noted that 38 people from 500 local residents are twins. At the same time, the residents themselves believe that the reason for such a frequent birth of twins is largely due to the fruitful soil on which they grow their crops. Locals are so sure of this fact that they invite all couples who dream of the birth of twins to visit them. They are confident that even after a short vacation in their village, the possibility of pregnancy with twins greatly increases.

How to plan the simultaneous birth of several babies?

Note that it is extremely difficult to significantly affect the possibility of natural conception of twins, however, there are a number of tips that can help in the planning of twins.

  • Take folic acid at the planning stage of pregnancy. Data from some scientific studies show that women taking folic acid at the recommended doses before conception increase the probability of twins to the world by 40%.
  • Keep breastfeeding. In some cases, the conception of twins occurs at the stage of lactation. If a woman is still breastfeeding her first baby, but does not resort to contraception, then she is likely to become pregnant with twins. In this case, the release of several ovules from the ovaries simultaneously contributes to a certain hormonal background, which is formed during lactation.
  • Consider the time of year. It is believed that in the warm season the female hormones change. In spring and summer, the chances of conceiving twins are somewhat increased.
  • Try yams. This grain crop grows and is grown mainly in Africa and Latin America. There are suggestions that the high frequency of birth of twins in black women is largely due to the fact that the basis of their nutrition for many years is made up of products prepared from yams.

When planning a multiple pregnancy, it is very important to follow the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle. It is important for future parents to remember that indicators of their health before conceiving a baby are very important. So, long-term smoking or alcohol intake have an extremely adverse effect on germ cells. This contributes to the fact that normal fertilization is hampered.

It is important to remember that Multiple pregnancy is a rather large load on the female body. If a woman is practically healthy, then it is easier for her to carry out several babies at once, but the presence of chronic diseases significantly hampers the development of a normal multiple pregnancy.

In order to conceive healthy babies, doctors recommend that the expectant mother, at least 6 months before conception, begin to lead a healthy lifestyle and get rid of harmful habits.

Is it possible to affect the floor?

Planning the sex of the child is perhaps one of the most important and intriguing questions for future parents. Someone dreams of the birth of a little princess, and someone - of the heir.

Influencing the birth of twin boys or two little girls is almost impossible. At the same time, all the tips and recommendations are only of an auxiliary nature - there are still no 100% guarantees after their implementation. Such recommendations increase the chance of the appearance of twins by only a fraction of a percent, but there are times when such popular recommendations do work.

In the planning of the floor, special tables are used, but they are advisory in nature, so the risk of conceiving “planned” boys or girls is quite low.

It is believed that conceiving a boy can be helped by a special diet. To do this, the expectant mother at the stage of preparation for pregnancy is recommended to use a large number of protein products. These include: meat, poultry, nuts, eggs. The regular inclusion of dishes prepared from these products should contribute to the conception of boys.

The diet for the birth of girls is somewhat different - it is often called milk-vegetable. In this case, the daily food must necessarily include a variety of dairy and fermented milk products, a lot of fruits and vegetables, as well as a variety of cereals. At the same time, there is no strong emphasis on meat products.

Some future mothers are trying to plan the sex of the child using the calendar. To do this, they use the ovulation date and determine the most favorable time for conceiving a boy or a girl. This principle is based on the biological properties of spermatozoa that carry certain genetic information.

For the birth of a boy, a Y-chromosome is needed. The baby can only get her from her father, as she simply does not exist in the female body. If the X-chromosome of the mother and the identical X-chromosome from the father are combined, then a girl will be born.

Y-chromosomes are usually more mobile, but less tenacious. They quickly reach the eggs, but if such a meeting for some reason did not happen, they die as quickly. X-chromosomes are less mobile and active, but able to remain viable for a fairly long period of time. Such features are used by future mothers who plan the sex of babies on ovulation.

It turns out that on the day of ovulation, the risk of conceiving a boy is high. A few days after ovulation, the likelihood of the birth of a little girl increases. It is important to note that this method is very relative - in practice it is extremely often the case that the use of such a technique ended in the opposite result. Calculate the sex of the child only by the method of planning for ovulation is extremely difficult.

In the next video you will find even more information about multiple pregnancies.

What is twins?

So called two children who were conceived at the same time. Accordingly, they are born and they are born together too. In medicine, twins are called multilingual twins - because they appear as a result of the fertilization of two eggs. And identical twins are born, because the fertilized egg is divided into two parts - it turns out two fetal eggs.

That is why the twins are similar to each other in everything, starting from the appearance and ending with a predisposition to any diseases, because the genotype of both children is the same. And twins have a different genotype, since different eggs were fertilized, with different sperm. So there are children that differ from each other - just as if they were born one by one.

Why do twins appear

If medicine is still not able to clearly explain what contributes to the separation of a fertilized egg, then it is easy to understand how the conception of twins is obtained. For this we need two mature eggs, which simultaneously emerged from the follicles and were fertilized. The mechanism is very simple, but to become pregnant with two, you need to learn how to stimulate the maturation of two oocytes at once, because, as a rule, each cycle in a woman develops only one.

Medicine answers this question. As you know, a woman's menstrual cycle is regulated by sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone. In the first phase of the cycle, more estrogens are produced, which are responsible for the gradual preparation of the body for fertilization, as well as for the growth of the follicle, in which the egg cell will mature. In the middle of the cycle, the level of estrogen is the highest, plus the production of luteinizing hormone increases, which stimulates the development of the egg cell, its subsequent release from the follicle. That is, ovulation. After it increases the level of progesterone, which is necessary to maintain pregnancy, if one has arrived.

Thus, for those who want to conceive twins, the most important is the first phase of the cycle, during which the growth of oocytes occurs. It is necessary that instead of one matured two. And this requires stimulation, again, with the help of estrogens, a higher level of which will “spur” the ovaries, will make them work more actively.

What factors affect the conception of twins

As mentioned above, there are no methods that guarantee the appearance of twins or twins. There are only ways to increase the likelihood of their appearance. And statistics, which sometimes gives very useful information. So, factors that need to be taken into account for those who are looking for ways to conceive twins naturally:

  • age of woman
  • taking birth control pills
  • infertility treatment
  • number of pregnancies
  • lactation,
  • taking folic acid
  • body type,
  • heredity,
  • geographical factor and nutrition.

It is worth considering each item in more detail, in order to understand how you can conceive twins, without using IVF.

As the statistics show, two women over 30-40 years most often become pregnant. Why? Because it is at this age that the hormonal surge occurs, the body produces more estrogen, because soon the ovarian functions will begin to fade. That is, it is necessary to increase the probability of conception. So, if a couple wants a boy and a girl right away, it is worth working on it in 35 years.


It is believed that during lactation a woman cannot become pregnant, but the refutation of this opinion is the same age. In fact, breastfeeding does not block ovulation after two or three months. Moreover, the level of sex hormones necessary for the maturation of an egg can be higher, that is, not just a pregnancy is likely, but conception of twins or twins. But for this you need to breastfeed as long as possible, this is an important point.

Folic acid

Its second name is vitamin B6. This is a very important component of biosynthesis that stimulates such processes as cell division, tissue development. Every pregnant woman has a need for folic acid, but very few people know that this particular vitamin can contribute to the appearance of twins. This is evidenced by statistics and some research.

Although, of course, to prove the direct link between vitamin B6 and the birth of twins has not yet succeeded. But in any case, the intake of this vitamin is necessary for every woman who wants to get pregnant. It is recommended to take folic acid 3 months before conception.

Body type

If the couple does not know how to conceive twins or twins, you need to pay attention to the amount of fat in the woman's body. The more of it, the higher the probability of the birth of twins. The reason is simple - fat in the female body is not only pleasant roundness and supply of nutrients. It is also an estrogen factory. And the more of them, the more active the ovaries. Although this fact does not mean that you need to greatly gain weight - in any case, it should not much exceed the norm.

Geographical factor

Researchers do not know why twins are born more often in a particular area. Perhaps it’s all about family ties, because in a small village, many residents, one way or another, are relatives of each other. Perhaps it is also a matter of living conditions - the worse they are, the more often twins are born. So, in this regard, Africa leads, in the second place - the Middle East, but Europe and America occupy the last position. The connection between the standard of living and the birth of twins is obvious.

Although, maybe the whole thing is in the special composition of water, the soil on which local products are grown. Indeed, a special mineral composition can influence the work of the ovaries - there are even especially well-known sources to which those who wish to become pregnant with twins go.

The same is true for food - many foods either contain estrogen-like substances, or contribute to increased hormone production. What recommends eating? The leaders are eggs, dairy products, whole grains and walnuts.

Pregnancy planning

In the event that a couple wants not just twins, but children of a certain sex, you need to create a conception calendar. So that boys are born, you must have sex during ovulation. The fact is that spermatozoa containing two Y chromosomes (that is, male) have greater speed, but less vitality. Therefore, at the time of ovulation, they will be able to quickly get to the egg. So, if a couple wants to know how to conceive twins of boys, there is no secret here.

If you want two daughters, then sex is recommended a day or two before ovulation - sperm with chromosome X is slow, but they live longer, so by the time the egg leaves, they will wait for her.

And if you want a boy and a girl? There is no unambiguous recommendation - here is how it will turn out.

How to help yourself conceive twins

As is clear from the medical descriptions of ovulation, to conceive twins, it is necessary to provoke the work of the ovaries so that a favorable hormone level appears. And it should be done at the planning stage of pregnancy. There are some effective tips on this:

  • start taking folic acid and vitamin E for another couple of months before pregnancy,
  • change the diet by adding more dairy products, nuts, eggs, whole grains,
  • be sure to give up bad habits,
  • the psychological attitude is also important, you can imagine yourself every day as a mother of wonderful twins.

For confidence, you can take advantage of factors that affect multiple pregnancies. So it is possible:

  • you need to give up all bad habits (cleanse the body),
  • You can increase the intake of vitamins (for example, experts often recommend that women start taking folic acid in about a couple of months before the intended conception,
  • due to high-quality healthy nutrition, it is possible to bring the state of the body back to normal and maintain it in this state, leaning on dairy products and whole grain products, it is also useful to include eggs and nuts into the diet,
  • для многоплодного зачатия женщины нередко прибегают к простой хитрости – планируют наступление беременности на время грудного вскармливания,
  • женщинам полезно контролировать свое состояние, в этом случае помогут специальные календари (для подсчета дней овуляции),
  • for clarity, that pregnancy has come, you should pay attention to the increasing weight,
  • remember that deep penetration increases the chances of conceiving twins several times (after intercourse, you should not immediately lower the pelvis).

Proper selection of hormonal drugs will help to stimulate the work of the ovaries, if long before that the woman stopped taking contraceptives. Do not forget that to start the natural mechanism of conception of twins, it is important to take into account the physical abilities of a woman, for example, the size of the pelvis.
As you know, taking hormonal drugs affects the ovaries. Therefore, for the natural conception is required to cancel their reception. At least a couple of weeks before the planned conception. Due to the natural mechanism in the body of women, twins can be conceived by those who have a suitable constitution (to bear and give birth to two babies).

More about the causes of the appearance of several eggs

For the formation of not one, but several ova in general, favorable conditions are required:

  • natural hormonal changes
  • heredity factor
  • drug stimulation
  • features of the uterus (for embryonic development).

The first necessary step to achieve the goal of multiple pregnancies should be the abandonment of contraceptives. Even if the pregnancy does not immediately occur, it allows the ovaries to relax a bit, to establish a hormonal background. Cancellation of drugs leads to such a phenomenon as a rebound effect. It is about the simultaneous functioning of the appendages. This effect is uncontrollable, everything can happen spontaneously, if we talk about how to conceive twins in a natural way.

Ovulation stimulation

How to conceive twins during ovulation? Due to the drug stimulation in the body of a woman, several follicles simultaneously mature. During ovulation, this leads to the appearance of two or three ova at once. Or one or all ova can be fertilized.

Twins - girls

To give birth to girls twins - the task is not easy, but realizable, if you follow the proven recommendations.

  1. Use missionary posture during intercourse more often (Y-chromosomes are less stable in this case).
  2. To eat more sweets (honey, jam), as well as herbal tea, spices.
  3. Coffee exclude and reduce salt intake.
  4. Plan for physical contact before the new moon (although this does not always work).

It is believed that the quality of the parent's blood affects the sex of the child. For example, with a recent update of blood. There are also statistics that the blood of women is updated every three years, and for men - four.

Twins - boys

The dream of two sons immediately makes women look for ways to solve the problem. And there is such a solution. You just need to try to follow simple recommendations.

  1. For conceiving boys, only posture with deep penetration is recommended (on the Y chromosome, in this case there is a short path to the uterus).
  2. Favorable environment for sperm (Y-chromosome) - immediately after orgasm. Accordingly, it is better that ejaculation occurs at this moment.
  3. In the diet of women should be dominated by fruit juices, tea, coffee, meat and fish dishes, legumes, rice, bitter chocolate and dried fruits.
  4. You need to give up baking / baking / sweets, consume less sugar, do not eat seafood, cabbage, sauces and green salad.
  5. Plan for physical contact after the new moon (although this does not always work).

In addition, there are recommendations for future fathers - to monitor the quality of blood, it should be more updated for them.

Once again about the forecasts

It is very convenient to use calendars, where there are favorable days for conceiving twins. Although it does not give one hundred percent guarantee.

It is known that multiple pregnancies occur with a short menstrual cycle (22 days or less). When calculating when it can occur, the day of the cycle on which ovulation occurs should be noted. For double fertilization, it is enough that the release of eggs from the ovaries falls closer to the time of sexual intercourse.
Those who believe in horoscopes, and hoping with their help to learn how to conceive twins, it is recommended to conceive children when the moon enters the constellation Gemini or Pisces. Moreover, to conceive twins of the same sex, it is necessary to conceive before the new moon, of the different sex - before the full moon. But these signs do not always work.

Conception and posture

It should be understood that poses are generally important for the onset of pregnancy. The shorter the path of the sperm to the uterus, the faster the woman will reach the goal. It is believed that deep penetration during intercourse contributes to the speed of conception. Therefore, sexologists recommend varying the usual postures (for example, when the missionary throw the legs higher on the partner’s shoulders).

How to conceive twins with IVF

But all natural methods only slightly raise the likelihood of conceiving twins. Most often, twins appear in the family after artificial insemination - IVF. IVF procedures often lead to multiple pregnancies. This is a well-known fact. This is influenced by several factors:

  1. hormone therapy to stimulate the ovaries (it not only leads to regular ovulation, but also to the maturation of a pair of eggs at the same time),
  2. with IVF, several embryos are transferred to the uterus at once.

Doctors, before sending to IVF, warn about the "consequences" in the form of multiple pregnancies (up to 30% of cases). This is a high enough chance to give birth to twins. But IVF is intended primarily for couples who can not conceive a baby, so it is unlikely that someone will agree to hold it so that you can conceive twins. So do not rely too much on this method.

How to promote the conception of twins?

To contribute to the conception of twins, you need a certain way to influence the work of the ovaries and hormones at the planning stage of pregnancy. 2-3 months before the intended conception, you should start daily intake of folic acid and vitamin E. cultures with tubers resembling potatoes).

The second thing that can contribute to the conception of twins - a psychological attitude. The fact that the mind and thoughts of a person affect his physical condition has long been proven. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct sessions of self-hypnosis.

Some of them should be directed directly to the state and work of the ovaries: to imagine how eggs from both sides come out and fertilize at the same time, to feel your body as ready for double conception. It is also worth visualizing the future - imagine yourself a mother of two toddlers of the same age.

To contribute to the onset of multiple pregnancies, given the factors that affect the simultaneous maturation of two eggs:

  • plan pregnancy during breastfeeding,
  • increase body weight due to body fat,
  • plan conception immediately after the abolition of hormonal, including contraceptive, drugs,
  • if the future father is not yet determined - choose from those who were twins in the family.

Is it possible to predict the conception of twins?

You can create a calendar with the most favorable days for conceiving twins. But, like all other methods, it does not give a 100% guarantee. Most likely to occur in multiple pregnancies in women with a short menstrual cycle (20-22 days).

To predict the conception of twins, you need to know exactly on which day of the cycle ovulation occurs. The closer to the process of release of eggs from the ovaries is sexual intercourse, the more likely double fertilization.

In astrology, it is believed that the birth of twins more often occurs on days when the moon is in the constellation Pisces or Gemini. At the same time, in order to conceive children of the same sex, fertilization must be planned before the new moon, and those of different sexes - before the full moon.

Do poses affect?

In order to conceive twins, sexual intercourse must be performed in postures that contribute to the onset of pregnancy in principle. It is necessary that the spermatozoa have a short way to the uterus - this will allow more of them to reach the goal. It is also important that they stay in the woman’s body for as long as possible so that in case of a delay in ovulation, fertilization takes place later.

The posture with deep penetration, which shortens the distance to the uterus, is a variation of the missionary with the legs thrown over the partner’s shoulders, the knee-elbow, “rider”. After ejaculation, a woman needs to lie down for about 10 minutes with a raised pelvis.

IVF and twins

How to conceive twins almost certainly? During the IVF procedure, the chances of having twins increase.

This is due to two things.:

  1. Acceptance of hormonal drugs that stimulate the work of the ovaries leads not only to regular ovulation, but also to the simultaneous maturation of two eggs.
  2. In order to increase the chances of successful implantation of the ovum in the uterus, not one embryo is transferred, but several at once.

The likelihood of multiple pregnancies with IVF is about 30% (of all successful pregnancies). The chances are quite high, since with natural conception this figure reaches only 3%.